Music Discovery and Artist Viral Reach Is About to Improve

Ah, music discovery, such a fun and sometimes frustrating part of every music lovers day. I know I have personally found a lot of great songs through Soundcloud, but it can also be a tedious task with...

Justin Rose - "No Biggie"

Justin Rose "No Biggie"

Queens rapper and producer Justin Rose is a new name looking to be your next favorite hip hop artist. He is prepping for the release of his mixtape Water White, due for release this Friday. While we wait to check out the full project, he released this unique track called "No Biggie." The beat has a pretty hypnotic sound, which is what hooked me in. His vocal style caught me off guard a bit at first, but his approach to the vocals is what kept me interested. Not your typical New York rap, but worthy of your ears. Listen below.


Damaged Goods - "Where Do You Go?" ft. Jesse Boykins III

Damaged Goods is back with a mellow electronic-pop tune called, "Where Do You Go?" featuring vocals from Jesse Boykins III. This would be a first for Damaged Goods on the blog,but Boykins has been featured before. Better late than never right? Stream the new song below and add it to your Summer playlists..


Catching Flies - "Change of Hearts"

Catching Flies - "Change of Hearts"

A few years back, electronic producer Catching Flies caught my attention with some cool tracks. Plus, there was sort of a mystery behind the artist at the time, which was also alluring and made me hit the play button on his Soundcloud. Yet, as with most new artists, I lost track of him and his music. Thankfully, I got a PR email about his new song and my memory of Catching Flies came right back. The new song is called "Change of Hearts" and is the perfect mellow summer jam with a sample you might be familiar with. Stream the tune below.


Consequence - "Don't Forget'em" ft. Kanye West

Consequence featuring Kanye West

Early today, rapper Consequence shared a remix of his song "Don't Forget'em" that features Kanye West. The original song can be found on Consquences' debut album, Don’t Quit Your Day Job! which is close to being ten years old. Somehow this song was never released to the public previously, but now we can all enjoy, especially those classic Kanye bars and production. Stream the tune below.


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ZHU - "GenerationWHY"

ZHU - "GenerationWHY"

California producer and mystery artist ZHU has already dropped some bangers for music fans in the last two years or so, but now he is gearing up for his debut album. While we wait for that, the electronic artist released a new song and title track, "GenerationWHY." Once again, ZHU brings the heat and releases a summer anthem that is ready for your pool parties. This will be on repeat for the next few days.


Ryan Hemsworth - "How It Felt"

Ryan Hemsworth "How it Felt"

It feels like it has been FOREVER since I posted, apologies. But a new Ryan Hemsworth song could not be ignored, so thought I should share. His latest is called "How It Felt" and is certainly a bit different from his other music. Yet, this is a good thing because this new track is wild. So many layers of sounds and instruments, plus a really unique drop after a subtle buildup. Peep the new track below.


Clams Casino Returns with "Blast"

Stream "Blast" by Clams Casino

New York based producer Clams Casino blew up a couple years back and produced some amazing instrumental albums as well as songs for other artists, but as of recent was pretty quite. Now he is back with an upcoming new project called 32 Levels and released a new song called "Blast." He once again builds a truly atmospheric beat with a haunting backdrop, something Clams Casino has perfected over the years. Stream the song below and stay tuned for the full project out in July.


Chance the Rapper - "No Problem" ft. Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz

Chance the Rapper  - "No Problem"

Chance the Rapper has been a buzzing name recently with his most recent announcement of Chance 3, reporting to be released tomorrow. Getting ready for that big drop, the Chicago rapper debuted "No Problem" featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz over on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 radio show. I wasn't sure how I'd feel having Weezy and 2 Chainz on this one, but I think it compliments it pretty well. Could use a bit less of the autotune, but whatever. Definitely pretty stoked on the new mixtape. Stream the track below.


Stream James Blake’s New Album, The Colour in Anything


I know, I know, I'm a few days late to the party when it comes to James Blake's new album, The Colour in Anything, but I still had to share. There are still alot of people out there who aren't familar with the musical genius, but just know he has worked with some of the best in the industry, whether it is on others music or with his own creations. This new album features Justin Vernon, Frank Ocean, Rick Rubin and features cover art illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake. Stream the 17-track LP below.


A-Trak & Phantogram - "Parallel Lines"

A-Track & Phantogram

When I came across a new song from A-Trak and Phantogram called "Parallel Lines," I immediately got stoked as I know what they are musically capable of and they do not disappoint. The single was premiered over on Zane Lowe's radio show for Beats 1 and came as a bit of a surprise, but I think we are all okay with that.

This is also the first new single for DJ/Producer A-Trak in a bit, but looks like he has been cooking up some heat for 2016. Stream the new song below.


Gravez & Bobby Raps - “Savior”

Gravez & Bobby Raps - "Savior"

Atlanta producer Gravez linked up with Bobby Raps for a brand new tune called "Savior." The track features different layers of sounds, with a thunderous pop that will have you hitting that replay button. Although the song is technically new to us, the track was produced sometime ago, but just now being released to the public. Definitely digging what these guys are musically creating, stay tuned for more.


Premiere: Night Panther - "Devotion"

Night Panther

Back in 2013 and through 2014 an interesting band from Pennsylvania called Night Panther started taking over some of the popular music blogs. I also was pretty stoked on their music and continuously posted anything new. But alas, the three members called it quits not long after they got their start in 2014. Yet after recently reuniting and getting excited about making music once again, the trio have returned! They cranked out a 3 song EP over the past 6 weeks called Pink & Black and I'm excited to premiere an exclusive new track. The first new song in almost 2 years!

The song is called "Devotion" and takes on a dark-pop and 80's synth vibe. A bit different from some of their previous upbeat dance-pop tunes, but a cool track nonetheless. Stream the brand new song below and stay tuned for the EP coming very soon.


Music Discovery and Artist Viral Reach Is About to Improve

Hive App Download

Ah, music discovery, such a fun and sometimes frustrating part of every music lovers day. I know I have personally found a lot of great songs through Soundcloud, but it can also be a tedious task with the endless amount of music on the platform. While the suggestions do have some cool stuff, it's still pretty random and hard to go through everything. Plus, with the millions of songs on the platform, how can you truly pick through everything or discover someone still unknown? That's where a new app called Hive becomes valuable.

I'm currently working as the Head of Artist Acquisition, to help the music community see how this app can improve their music discovery process. But the app is also valuable for artists who are looking to reach new audiences, get song stats, demographics, and more to help guide them further into their career.

Learn more on the website or download now for free! Want to know more about it? Here is how it is beneficial to music fans, artists, band managers, & more.

Music Fans

  • You can type in genres and a 30-second clip plays, if you like it swipe right and it adds the full song to a playlist. If you swipe left the song goes away!
  • Additionally, when you like a song it will then be shared to 6 new users looking for similar music. So not only are you getting a cool track in your playlist you can access anytime (or send it to your Soundcloud account), but your sharing with other people and getting songs from other music fans who enjoyed a particular track. This also helps the artist reach more potential fans and helps their music to go viral. Tight.

Artists, Band Managers, & Booking Agents

  • Hive app helps promote the music and songs an artist chooses to post from their Soundcloud via the app. The artist can easily sign into the app with their Soundcloud, post the songs they want to share, and let the music addicts do the discovering. 
  • From there they can get all sorts of statistics and demographics on how particular songs are doing. 
  • The app has integrated Soundcloud's API, so any plays count on the song and clicking the artist name takes you to their page. So fans can check out your full profile.
  • Hive also adds share icons to Twitter, email, or in a text to quickly help spread a song to even more friends or family.
  • Hive creates valuable data for booking agents as well to make the best booking decisions possible. We make sure the band has the right size and type of following for your venue, so you can be confident you'll sell out your shows.
Hive App Artist Stats

Download Hive App For Free

William Bolton - "Rockstar"

Detroit native William Bolton is quickly making a name for himself, thanks to his smooth mo-town/soul vocals and hip hop flavor. For the past year or so, his music has been reaching new audiences and continues to improve with each new release. His latest is called "Rockstar" featuring rapper Dillon Ashton and singer BRI, a song which Bolton also produced.

This is certainly a feel good weekend song to just mellow out too. Stream the song below.


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