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Calvin Harris - "Slide" (ft. Frank Ocean & Migos)

Calvin Harris - Slide ft. Frank Ocean, Migos

I might be a day or so late on this one, but I had to share it as I definitely dig this collaboration between Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos. The new song called "Slide" was a nice surprise when it popped up in my Spotify feed and I was hoping this would be as good as I initially would expect. And it of course was.

Harris blessed us with a pre-Summer jam that I can certainly listen over and over again.Check out the song "Slide" below if you have not already heard it, and even if you have, you should listen again anyway!


Instant Concert Ticket Recommendations to Your Phone

So many of you may have noticed I do not post on the blog much, but don't worry, I still plan on new music from time to time. You might also remember the cool music app called Hive - Music Discovery that I was helping work on (or maybe not, but go check it out). Well, that project is currently on a break and will be re-visited in the near future. The bigger question is, what have I been working on?

In collaboration with Hive's CEO, we started another music related venture. We currently are only in product testing and will eventually be making this an even bigger monster, but for now we are looking for honest feedback on the concept. We already have functioning website up and you can sign up for free. WIN.

The product is called /Guru and based on your music preferences, you will receive custom ticket recommendations directly to your phone via text. What do you get in the text? A link to the artists music and of course a direct link to purchase your ticket. You'll get artists and bands you recognize, discover new ones, and even get discount offers on cool shows in your area.

Why did we create this with so many ticket platforms? We love most of the ones out there, but we wanted to find an even simpler solution. I personally always forget to read emails for upcoming concerts, lose track of emails about concerts, nor am I always monitoring bands or venues social media accounts for the latest concerts. I also tend to not like looking online and scouring the web for concerts (maybe I'm just lazy). This now gives labels, music venues, and artists a simple way to directly reach concert goers and new fans.

Instant concert ticket recommendations

This is the first time we are really promoting this out to the public and are looking for people to test it out, provide feedback, or send product features they would like to see incorporated. And remember, it's free to sign-up and start getting ticket recommendations!

We'll provide more updates in the near future, but if you want to help us out, offer feedback/suggestions, or if you want to partner in some way, feel free to reach out via email.

J. Cole - "Lights Please" (Nubbz Remix)

J.Cole - "Lights Please" Nubbz Remix

Woah, realized I have neglected to post in over month! Hoping I have some more time in 2017 to share music a bit more consistently. Anyway, wanted to share this new remix from Nubbz of J.Cole's song "Lights Please." The Dutch producer has been featured on the blog a few times and it seems he just keeps getting better with each new release.

Stream the remix below and be prepared for the ultimate chill vibe.


Stream Jarrod Milton's Album Called "Girl"

Stream Jarrod Milton's Album Girl

I'm not going to front on this one, I discovered Jarrod Milton via the always great P&P and when I saw Miltons LP Girl was available for streaming I had to share.

The Atlanta native shared his 10 track EP in advance of it's release, showcasing his unique style and songwriting capabilities. The music is a blend of pop, electronic, ambient, and a hint of R&B. If you are looking to vibe out and relax this EP might be right for you.


REECE - "Lost in Translation"

REECE - "Lost in Translation"

A few months back I shared a promising upcoming R&B artist by the name of REECE, whom recently released a brand new song called "Lost in Translation." The 20 year old Virgina native and now LA resident recently signed a publishing deal with BMG, which is a big step for his budding career.

The new single packs some serious vocal prowess, especially over that hypnotic production. We might only have a handful of songs from REECE at this time, but his future in music is promising. Stream the new single below.


JAHKOY - "F N Sexy"

JAHKOY - " F N Sexy"

The R&B wave has continued to grow over the last few years and with more talented artists sharing their creations, I don't see this movement slowing down. One upcoming R&B artist, Canadian singer/rapper JAHKOY, has a good chance of dominating that R&B wave. He is currently (and recently) signed to Def Jam.

I've seen a few of his tunes pop up over the last few weeks and his latest single caught my attention. The new song is called "F N Sexy." It's mellow, but has a hypnotic vibe that will hook you in right from the start. Stream below.


Belarbi - "Girl"

Belarbi "Girl"

Over the last few years we've heard from some talented artists and producers coming from all areas in France, especially Paris. Recent producer/DJ Belarbi is next up to be added to the French roster, especially if he continues producing songs like "Girl." This single came out about a month ago, but is still deserving of more listens (currently at 32k+ streams on Soundcloud).

"Girl" is super mellow, but still retains a cool dance groove that makes this the perfect addition to any playlist. Stream below and stay tuned for more.


Jordan Bratton - "Love & Nothing"

Jordan Bratton - "Love & Nothing"

The R&B wave continues to grow and become more diverse with good music. Singer Jordan Bratton has been featured here before, but it has been awhile since we go something new. Until Bratton unleashed a song previously unheard called "Love & Nothing." Not sure if this is a brand new single or if he has been keeping this one to himself until now, but new music regardless. This has a bit of a funky upbeat tempo, but a nice crooning to complement it.




I know I know, it's been awhile since I posted on here. But many of you know I'm working on a music discovery and A&R tool called Hive, where I'm wearing many hats especially with getting amazing new talent on the app. This is also where I discovered and found the latest from duo NIGHTLY.

The Nashville residents infectious single "XO" was a big winner on the app and one song I've continued to play. The song was officially released in mid-Summer and only has 32k plays on Soundcloud, which deserves waaaaay more. So hoping you guys will share with friends because these guys have a solid sound. Stream this song below and be prepared to replay it all week.


Jamie XX and Floating Points Team Up for New Mix

Jamie XX & Floating Points

I was looking for some new mixes to jam to over the last few days and luckily Jamie XX and Floating Points have us covered with 2 hours worth of music. This new mix was created for NTS Radio and does not disappoint, with selections ranging from Armand Van Helden, David Byrne, Gerry Rafferty, and a few other recognizable tunes. Not much more to say here except kickback and enjoy some good music.


Via P4K

6 New things to look forward to in August 2016: Remixes, Videos, Albums

6 New things to look forward to in August 2016: Remixes, Videos, Albums

It’s tough finding the best things to listen to this summer so we decided to help you out and put together the top 6 things you should be looking out for this August.

Rae Sremmurd – “Rae Sremmurd 2”

Rae Sremmurd 2 comes out later this month! The hip-hop duo are set to take the world by storm with their debut follow up. “Look Alive” and “By Chance” have been big bangers so far.

Headkrack – “Turn Me Up”

The Atlanta based rapper has had a pretty big year so far with the release of his visuals for “The Stick Up”. Now he’s back, better than ever, with the sequel. Check out “Turn Me Up” below.

Dreezy ft. Gucci Mane – “We Gon Ride”

Dreezy teams up with Gucci Mane in the visuals for “We Gon Ride”. It’s no surprise that you see Dreezy cruising around with her posse before encountering Gucci at a local jewelry store. Watch it now!

Skrillex & Diplo feat. Kai - 'Mind' (Happy Colors Remix)

Your new favourite remix right here! Uplifting, happy, and exciting. What more can you ask for from Miami Dj Happy Colors?

The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey - 'Closer'

Hit makers, The Chainsmokers, are on quite a roll right now and “Closer” is The Chainsmokers at their peak! Take a look at their latest single featuring Halsey.

Graffiti Royale - "Raised"

Graffiti Royale - Raised

Graffiti Royale delivers their second new single called "Raised" -- a story of growing up in NYC told through the voice of Quez Dreamer; the band's MC. The tune is backed by sunny samples, soulful guitars, and explosive drums, which is the perfect soundtrack for the end of summer.

Leading up to the track's release the band has been setting up lemonade stands around New York City, giving away free lemonade, free download cards, and engaging with the community. Pretty cool idea, so be on the lookout if you are in NYC.

Stream the new single below and be on the look out for new stuff from the group.


Hive Music Discovery App -- Helping Artists, Labels, and A&R

Hive Music Discovery - Helping Artists, Labels, and A&R

Many of you by now have probably seen my posts on social media about Hive - Music Discovery app or even read the original article about the first launch in April. It's been a few weeks now since the team gave the app a slick new face lift, added some updated features (including a festival scheduler), and tweaked the way the app worked slightly -- but I wanted to share for those who may not follow my Twitter or Facebook page.

We are definitely stoked on the response from music lovers, labels, brands, and the artists who saw the value in what the app is looking to achieve. This makes us happy knowing we are on the right path to give deserving artists a better chance for discovery with music fans, labels, and more.

Add Music

One of the biggest change besides the smoother design, is the ability to add songs to the Hivesphere (look at me making words up), which then each week, the song will get filtered into a package of 50 news songs that app users can discover. This limits the user getting burned out from listening to too many songs in one session. So now, each week you get 50 new songs to discover! Plus, there other playlists to check out between each week's new songs in case you are craving more goodies.

So you added a song to Hive, now what? Once the track is live, you get to see how it is ranked for that week's uploaded songs and the percentage of Hive users who liked it (by swiping right).

A&R Reports

We also are creating more detailed reports on song statistics for artists, labels, and A&R reps who are scouting for new talent. This has been something we are really excited about as we can filter out all the clutter on the Internet, allow budding artists to actually be heard and get some instant feedback to the music.

With the app, we are also mindful of what artists are being posted. We do not mind signed artists looking to premiere new music, helping them test a new style of music to see how audiences react, etc. but we also do not want people sharing acts like Drake, Imagine Dragons, or artists of that popularity all the time. Hive wants to help the amazing talent out there that gets lost in the mass amounts of music and put them in front of new audiences, share their music and stats with A&R/labels to help them get signed, and generally increase their visibility that can be rather difficult to do.

Some Stats We've Seen (So Far):

Within the first three weeks of Hive 2.0, we saw some serious engagement without a massive marketing campaign.
  • 6k songs discovered each week 
  • 20% of songs added to listener's playlist
  • 25% conversion rate on driving users to links
  • 200k new fans reached on Twitter each week

Partnerships & Promotion

Additionally, we are working hard to secure more partnerships and promotion opportunities with labels (indie, major), band managers, festivals, and of course cool brands that love helping the music community. We've already worked with a few names you might recognize below who curated some special playlists of their artists for users to discover. But, we are also looking to provide anyone we work with valuable insight into artists performance and help people engage with their content as well.

Hit City USA
Disruptor Records

Red Bull Sound Select

So, what's next for Hive? 

  • We are continuing to improve new features and reporting to really get the most valuable song statistics we can for artists, labels, and A&R
  • Android version of the app coming soon
  • New artist, label, and brand partnerships
  • And much more!
If you are an artist, A&R, label, band promoter/manager, PR agency, etc. we would love to talk more with you about how Hive can help. Check out this quick product demo if you want to see it in action before downloading or reaching out. 

You can email for more info or reach out to me personally at

Download Hive from iTunes

A-Trak & Tommy Trash - “Lose My Mind”

A-Trak & Tommy Trash - "Lose My Mind"

DJ/Producer A-Trak linked up with fellow DJ Tommy Trash, which is their first new tune together in a couple years. The two creative minds combine forces and bring a few different styles of music into "Lose My Mind." This is a perfect summer jam that I'm sure will be a hit to the festival and club scenes. Stream below.


Via Stereogum

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