Artist: White House Band

Photo courtesy of I AM PR Agency
 I was recently contacted about a band from Brooklyn, NY, White House Band. After reading the description about what genre(s) they are I knew I had to listen. The guys of White House Band combine a few genres including: Rap, Blues, and Hard Rock. While The Roots may come to mind, these guys have their own sound and emphasize heavier guitars.

The White House Band consists of  "Mr. Dopesauce” David E Beats, Cory “Galactic Panel” Lonas, Elder “Crazy Drummer” Merchant, Fernando “Sexy Solo” Martinez (Nothing beats those nicknames). Since forming (not that long ago), White House Band have performed in the Time Out NY Make Music festival, headlined The DIY Bushwick Music Festival, participated in The YUME Fest, and CMJ 2010.

If White House Band was a math equation it would look like this:  Kid Cudi + Jimmy Hendrix + splash of Metallica + Fresh lyrics = White House Band.  Needless to say, it won't be long before these guys gain some notable success and will likely become a new favorite too many music fans.

 Listen and watch below. To hear and learn more about the band go here.


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