Fresh Video: B.o.B. - "Don't Let Me Fall"

I remember first discovering B.O.B back in 2007 late 2008. He was fairly young and was basically unheard of. He had some really catchy songs though, like "Mellow Fellow" and "I'll Be in the Sky." At the time, I never would have guessed how big in the mainstream he would get.

I tend to look through iTunes for random artists and such, when I came across "Nothin' On You." This was probably around May of this year. I had not listened to B.O.B in awhile and thought I should give it a listen. Needless to say after I listened once, I automatically realized this guy is going to be wildly successful. It is funny too, because I never heard of Bruno Mars and now he is all over the music scene as well.

Watch B.O.B's newer video for the song "Don't Let Me Fall." The video is pretty unique and does the song justice. Check it out below.


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