Artist: Frightened Rabbit

It is so refreshing to find some good indie rock, and not that long ago I would be introduced to Scottish band, Frightened Rabbit. Initially the band started out with only guitarist/vocalist Scott Hutchinson performing as a solo artist. However, through the course of 2003, he added other members to form a more complete band.

Their debut, Sing the Greys would be released in 2006. They would find themselves in the United States playing the popular SXSW festival. In 2008 Frightened Rabbit would release their second album, The Midnight Organ Fight, which basically become their "big-break" album. During this year they would tour with Death Cab for Cutie for a UK & Irish tour.

This past March would see the release of their excellent album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, which received much critics praise, although it was slightly different from their past releases. This time the Rabbit's would reach #84 on the US Billboard charts and 7th on the US Independent Albums.

Their lyrics combined with sometimes intense guitar work, loud drums, to more subtle folk influences, make Frightened Rabbit a good listen. Watch some of their music videos below.



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