Artist: Jonny Craig

It is one thing to be a singer in a band, but it is another to actually have a powerful vocal range and balance multiple projects This is what Canadian vocalist Jonny Craig manages to do.

He gained vast attention when he was the lead singer for post-hardcore Dance Gavin Dance. He would, however, not be a part of the band anymore after 2007 and woukl then become the lead vocalist for Emarosa. Interestingly enough, he was asked to rejoin Dance Gavin Dance and now fronts both bands.

While working with two bands (super group Isles & Glaciers and Emarosa) he also had managed to record and release his debut solo work, A Dream Is a Question You Don't Know How to Answer, in 2009. This was prior to reuniting with Dance Gavin Dance, which he is now in the process of working on the new record, due out in 2011.

After one listen to Jonny Craig, you can feel the emotion behind the words. His style ranges in soul, R&B, and rock. Even though his bands are generally post-hardcore/rock, it blends in so well. One look at him and you would probably never think he can belt out the notes he does . It is pretty impressive, and he is only in his early 20's. Watch and listen to some of his work below. The voice is pure gold.



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