Artist: Kurt Von Stetten

One thing that really always stands out to me and will for sure get noticed, is an artist who is making it on their own. That DIY attitude proves to me that you love music and it is something you want to pursue. This is what indie-rocker Kurt Von Stetten does so well.

Stetten plays every instrument on each of his albums that includes: cello, bass, guitar, drums, xylophone, keys/synth, and various other noisemakers. Over the span of his musical journey, he never labeled himself an artist, recording his albums in his spare bedroom. Maybe that is what adds to the authenticity of his work, it sounds more real and genuine.

On his latest album, Pyramid, he crafted some truly great indie rock songs and goes to show that even relatively unknown artists can create something with a great sound. On this album Stetten once again plays all the instruments and engineered the album, but got some help with the mixing and mastering.

I recommend giving Kurt Von Stetten a listen, if not for the mere fact that he was doing it all by himself for so long, creating his own unique work of art. Listen to "Come Correck" and "Love Song" below.

You can download some of his music for free here.




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