Artist: Minus the Bear

One band I discovered a few years ago and have become a fan ever since is Minus the Bear. The experimental/indie/rock band hails from Seattle and formed in 2001. Currently, they have released 4 albums and 4 EPs. Each with its own distinct sound, yet you can always tell it is Minus the Bear.

After a few years, people are finally starting to recognize their style and appreciate the music they create. Their latest album released in May 2010, Omni, debuted at #49 on the US Billboard 200. Their third release debuted at #79, while the others did not chart.

Omni is one of the more interesting albums Minus the Bear has released. It was recorded as if it were a live show, playing straight through one song after the other. This is not a common practice as usually recording is done in separate stages then pieced together.

While making the charts is not everything to a band, having the music recognized is a plus. A band like Minus the Bear deserves listeners and if you have not checked them out, then give them a listen. Watch & listen to some of their songs below.



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