Listen: Asher Roth & Nottz - "Break Bread"

Asher Roth came straight out a small town in Pennsylvania, when his mixtape The Greenhouse Effect began to make some noise. No one thought another white rapper would make it quite like Eminem did, but Roth has been proving otherwise.

He then found himself a hit. Roth would release the quite essential college anthem, "I Love College," sending him into some mainstream stardom.

While Asher Roth was questioned by some as to if he really has lyrical skills, I think now with some of his newer tracks he is beginning to show those critics,that yes, he can rap. He has also expanded who he has been working with producing wise and who makes guest appearances on his songs. Here he teams up with producer/rapper Nottz, giving people a taste of what he can bring.

The beat to "Break Bread" is cool and both Roth and Nottz have a delivery that fits it well. Listen below.


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