New Video: Dutch ReBelle - "I’m I’ll (ReBelleMix)"

Photo Courtesy of Rhoaming Music

Remember the 90's when there was an abundance of female rappers in the industry? Left Eye from TLC, Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliot, MC Lyte, Da Brat, Eve, and even Queen Latifah (Although she technically started in the late 80's).

Now fast forward to present day, who is left? Lil' Kim stayed around but nowhere near as popular as she was, Missy Elliot has pretty much remained quiet, and Queen Latifah is an actress. So of course when Nicki Minaj arose there was plenty of buzz. Well, Ms. Minaj may have some company soon.

Coming straight out of Boston is a female rapper by the name of Dutch ReBelle. Initially I was not sure what to expect, but the she has some skills and proves she can deliver a nice flow over the "I'm Ill" beat. Due to release Beauty Vs. The Beast coming out January 2011, you can get the "I'm Ill" single for free here.

Watch the video below.


Saw her perform at Suffolk University's fashion show last year. She's got a lot of talent...she's real raw yet classy and I like that about her. Also, she's Haitian and from Boston. Much success to you. -Joanne

She's cool and down to Earth too...I got the feeling shes gonna take part in putting Boston on the Map!
Dutch Whuddup!
-A' Gunna

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