OSF's Best Songs of 2010

It is safe to say that 2010 was a good year for music, and 2011 is promising to be just as good. Now most top lists in the music blog world do 10, 50, or top 100. I decided to do a top 12 for two reasons. The first being that narrowing songs down to the top 10 was almost impossible for me. The second being, I do not have the time to go through a much larger list as I created this myself.

Now, many of you may see some familar artists on the list as other blogs, but I promise you there is a surprise or two, especially the number one position I am sure many would not expect. So without blabbing on any further, read below to see my top 12 songs of 2010. Oh, and please feel free to leave your thoughts or what you would put in the top 12.

12.)  Deftones - "Diamond Eyes"


11.) The Roots - "Right On"

10.)  Deerhunter - "Helicopter"


9.) Chiddy Bang - "Opposite of Adults"


8.) Crystal Castles - "Not In Love" ft. Robert Smith


7.) The Black Keys - "Tighten Up"


6.) The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio"


5.) Vampire Weekend - "Giving Up the Gun"


4.) Kanye West - "Runaway"


3.) Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"


2.) Cee Lo - "Fuck You"



1.) Big Boi - "Shutterbug"

Big Boi's album was without a doubt one of the best of 2010 and unfortunately it did not get the attention it deserved. Yes a lot of people dug the record and knew about it, but how much coverage outside of the music blogs did anyone really see? It got almost no radio play in my area, never saw much about it on t.v., and I really feel many people that would like it, overlooked it.

"Shutterbug" has that classic Big Boi southern style and has a cool beat. This song has been in my head since the day I heard it a few months ago and guaranteed to have the same effect on you.



ļ¼©love the National :)

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