Video: Escape the Fate - "City of Sin"

Escape the Fate has gone from obscurity, to popularity, to without a singer, to one of the newest hard rock groups to hit the scene. This all in a matter of four years. They first gained notice back in 2006 with lead singer Ronnie Radke gaining tons of fans, but Radke would be sentenced to four years in jail due to things in his personal life, which would force the band to find a new lead singer.

That setback did not cause the end of the band as Escape the Fate recruited then blessthefall singer Craig Mabbitt, who has been at the helm ever since. Although his style in vocals were different from Radke, it still worked well for their brand of rock and post-hardcore. Escape the Fate's 2010 self-titled release was their best selling to date.

Watch their newer video for the song "City of Sin." Full of sexuality and minimal clothing, this will remind you of the all the rock videos of the 80's hair metal movements, except the song does not suck.



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