Video: Mac Miller - "Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza"

Hip Hop has been seeing some new fresh faces lately, rejuvenating the genre. Mac Miller is the latest young rap prodigy to come from Pittsburgh. Already making a name for himself in high school, this recent graduate is only 18 years old.

While he is young, his rhymes have started to show maturity of someone that has been in the rap game for a few years. He does not have an official album yet, but has released three mixtapes. Each one has been good. What also helped him gain some attention is his videos, which I always dig. Some of them are funny, others just have good concept.

This is one of my favorite videos that Mac Miller has. It is from his K.I.D.S. mixtape that came out this past summer. As he walks through the city, his friend carries this massive boombox and about midway through the video, my favorite part happens at a swing set with four girls, but you'll have to watch below.



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