Artist: Circa Survive

Circa Survive is probably one of the best progressive-rock bands to come out of Philadelphia. Between the beautiful guitars, emotion filled lyrics, and lead singer Anthony Green's impressive vocal range, this is one band that you should all be listening to.

Since they released their debut Juturna in 2005, people have definitely been listening as their follow-ups On Letting Go and Blue Sky Noise have reached chart success. Their latest release, Blue Sky Noise, was released on Atlantic Records and left some fans wondering if their sound would change being a part of a major label. Yet, the band while evolved, still stayed true to their progressive roots.

Circa Survive has toured in some of the biggest festivals and shared the stage with an impressive amount of bands, that include: Coheed & Cambria, Mutemath, Thrice, Rise Against, Thursday. I got to interview guitarist Colin Frangicetto for Substream Music Press, and you could feel the passion they have for music. These are the types of bands I support and respect.  Listen to some of their music below.


Stop the Fuckin' Car

The Difference Between Medicine And Poison

Frozen Creek


You are so right! Love these guys! ♥

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