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Video: The Pigeon Detectives - "Done In Secret"

Not long ago I brought you some music from indie band The Pigeon Detectives. Their music is all around fun and people seemed to enjoy what they had to offer. Now to continue the anticipation of their album, UP,GUARDS AND AT ‘EM!, the band gloriously returns with a new single and video. The single, "Done In Secret" continues to impress me after each listen.

Throwback album: Gang Starr - Moment of Truth

I remember being first introduced to Gang Starr by a classmate of mine back in my early high school days. At that point Gang Starr wasn't really officially releasing new material anymore, but their stuff was new to me. I was always a fan of most 90's hip hop, and how I missed the duo of Guru (rapper) and DJ Premier (producer) was beyond me. Technically, I had heard some of their tracks, but never knew who the artist was.

Listen & Video: Pope Joan - "A Drowning" & "I Can't Stand You At All"

Pope Joan is known for the their art-rock/pop music and they are anticipating the release of their new single "A Drowning," coming out March 21st. The track perfectly captures what Pope Joan is trying to accomplish, a blend of great music. Already starting to make a name for themselves in 2011 with performances with artists like The Vaccines, Twin Shadow, and The Invisibles.

Video: Lionize - "You're Trying to Kill Me"

I discovered this band Lionize only a few days ago and they have quickly grown to be a new favorite of mine. The music has a great sound combining soul, reggae, rock, and even some funk. This blend of genres turns out some fantastic music that will surely catch your ear.

Listen: House of Wolves - Fold in the Wind (Album)

House of Wolves is a solo effort by singer/songwriter and multiple-instrument player Rey Villalobos. The debut album is called Fold in the Wind, and is filled with haunting melodies, poetic lyrics, and a sound that is original. Bands that may come to mind when comparing to House of Wolves are: Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens, and Beach House.

Video: The Vaccines - "If You Wanna"

The Vaccines might become the next big band to hit the music scene in the past couple years. The buzz surrounding the band is and has been pretty phenomenal so far. Not bad for a band with their first album not even out yet. There is something about The Vaccines music that is just a good listen.

MP3: Chris Webby - "Killin' Em" & "Webster's Revenge"

Chris Webby is a beast on the mic. Not long ago the Connecticut emcee released his fresh mixtape Best in the Burbs, with 16 full length tracks. Not even 3 months later he is already prepared to release another mixtape called Webster's Laboratory. The kid is one hard-working upcoming rapper looking to be put at the top. It is only a matter of time before that happens.

Listen: J.Cole - "Nothing Like It"

J. Cole is my favorite new rapper in the game hands down. His mixtape Friday Night Lights was one of the best free mixes of music in the last couple of years. He is one talented rapper/producer. Recently, I was wondering when we would hear some new stuff and the other night he released "Nothing Like It." Shout out to our friends at MostlyJunkfood for posting this song so I would discover it.

Video: Emily Howard - "Love Sleeps"

Hot off a release of a 3 song EP, singer/songwriter/guitar player Emily Howard released a video for her song "Love Sleeps." The EP titled Wind Me Up, was released February 8th, but showcases what Howard is about. She creates some bouncy indie/pop tunes that have emotion behind the lyrics.

MP3: General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers - "Red Hot" & "Sick Sick Lover"

When I first opened my email and saw a message about a band called General Oglethorpe & the Panhandlers, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I give pretty much everything an initial listen and decide if I want to continue learning more about the band. After I heard the song "Red Hot," I found myself interested.

Video: The Walkmen - "While I Shovel the Snow"

Sorry for all those that got dumped with snow this year (I'm included) that really could use a much more "warmer" title of a song, but this is the latest from The Walkmen. If you do not know much about the indie rock band, you can read more about them in the artist profile we did a little while back here. The Walkmen released their latest album, Lisbon, back in September. The album did quite well and generally received all positive remarks, it was a great album.

Video: Chip Tha Ripper - "Light One Up"

The Cleveland rapper, Chip Tha Ripper, debuted a new video the other day for the song "Light One Up." Chip has definitely been grinding his way up the hip hop ladder, but still seems to be floating under the radar. I know it is only a matter of time before he blows up, and when he does boys & girls, it will be something to see.

MP3: Pilots - "White Knuckle Tight Grip"

Representing the UK comes another great band called Pilots. The pop/indie group is a young band only coming together in May 2010, although by their songs you would think they've been around the block. The track "White Knuckle Tight Grip" was chosen as one of MySpace's 123 Playlist, which was played on BBC Radio and XFM Radio. That is some nice exposure for a band not even a year old.

Listen: Raekwon - "Molasses" ft. Ghostface Killah & Rick Ross

Raekwon's new album, Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang is shaping up to be the best hip hop album of 2011. Then again, usually Wu-Tang members never create anything bad. I already previewed a few weeks ago the banger title track off the album, which was a nice first listen to new Raekwon. Another song was released the other day, and this one might be my favorite so far.

Listen: The Cool Kids - "Bundle Up"

The Cool Kids are just straight up cool. The name is fitting for the duo who have some slick bass filled beats with that old school tenderness. People really could find something different in the raps and beats of The Cool Kids, and that is what hip hop has been needing.

Video: Peter Bjorn & John - "Second Chance"

Peter Bjorn & John are a interesting trio of indie rockers hailing from Sweden. They have gained notoriety a few years back and have since been many music lovers go-to indie band. Now on the verge of releasing their sixth album, Gimme Some, they have approached the music a little differently. This time around they have more of a rock sound, losing some of the experimental aspects they sometimes incorporated in their tunes.

Listen: TV on the Radio - "Will Do" (New)

Remember a few years back when Brooklyn experimental rockers TV on the Radio became the talk of the music industry? Somehow even MTV recognized them (not that it says much, but who would of thought MTV would sponsor good music?). Well the band is back after a 3 year absence from their last album and are creating some new music.

Video: Bad Rabbits - "Human Nature" (Michael Jackson Cover)

Oh Bad Rabbits, you guys never fail me. Ever since I heard about these guys I have been a big fan. They have slowly been popping up on people's radar, which I say about damn time! Bad Rabbits really are doing big things lately: working on new material, playing shows, and doing a series of cover songs. The first cover song they did, which I posted, became the second all-time most popular post of my site. In that MP3 post they covered the Deftones, and it was hands down one of the best covers of a song I have ever heard.

MP3: The Devil Whale - "Barracudas"

When you think indie/folk/ garage music what bands come to mind? Fleet Foxes, Dr. Dog, maybe Grizzly Bear? Well you should probably include The Devil Whale in that list. The Salt Lake City band creates a fusion of those bands, but make it entirely their own original sound. Lyrics and harmonies all come together with precision, and The Devil Whale wants to prove this to you.

MP3: Gorilla Warfare Tactics - "The Tale of Mr. Street"

I know I know, I'm like a week late on this track. But hey, I just recently listened to how awesome these dudes are, bare with me there is a lot of music out right now. Now that I got that out of the way, check out this second ridiculously good track by Gorilla Warfare Tactics called "The Tale of Mr. Street." 

Listen: Atmosphere - "Just For Show" (Brand New Single)

Atmosphere is probably the biggest underground/indie hip hop artist today, which shouldn't that almost make them mainstream? I don't know, probably not since you never hear them on the radio. But Atmosphere aka Slug and DJ/producer Ant have been making music since the early 90's, and are stronger than ever. The duo has some crazy beats and Slug can get pretty lyrical.

XXL Freshman Class 2011 - Hits & Misses

The traditional freshman cover has been released, showcasing who XXL Magazine has chosen as this year's upcoming rappers/hip hop artists to watch for. Obviously, not everyone is going to agree in its entirety and I give credit to the staff of XXL as I am sure this is not a easy task to complete. Usually I tend to agree with at least half or more of XXL's choices, and this year continues that. Out of the 11 faces they put on the cover, I feel like 7 are correctly there. However, there are 4 that I am not so sure should be on the cover, one of those 4 I don't necessarily think is a bad rapper. Anyway below are the ones I think are the hits, misses, and who should of been on the front page. Thoughts are always welcomed.

Listen: Athletes In Paris - "Borrowed Time"

England certainly has some talented musicians and almost every band I get sent from over seas, has some catchy tunes. Athletes In Paris comes from New Castle and have been known to crash some parties at the local universities to play some of their tunes. This would only generate some buzz for the band and get people talking.

Download: e-dubble - Written Thursday (Mixtape)

Since getting into the music blogging world, I've come across some truly great artists that I normally would not have ever discovered. Thanks to blogs like Pigeons & Planes and Sunset In the Rearview, I discovered a producer/rapper named e-dubble. Now, I have already posted some of his fresh tracks before, and people really took a shine to him. It is not hard to understand why e-dubble's popularity has been exploding. He has some insane beats and samples, honest lyrics, and raw talent. E-dubble is music.

Artist: Julianna Barwick

Julianna Barwick is a Brooklyn singer who makes hypnotic, beautiful music that's probably unlike anything you've heard.  Her songs are almost entirely acapella, meaning only vocals, no other instrumentation, and the only voice is her own.  Using a loop pedal and other effects, Barwick layers her beautiful and rangy voice on top of itself again and again, making massive sound compositions that build and build.

Listen: Braids - "Lemonade"

Braids are a Canadian art-rock band that released their debut album, Native Speaker, back in January.  The album is already garnering a lot of critical acclaim and I can definitely see why.  The band have a sound that's both fresh and familiar to anyone who has heard Animal Collective's 2005 album, Feels.

Download: Travis Barker - Let the Drummer Get Wicked

Is there anything musically that Travis Barker can't do? I'm sure many of you have seen videos of Travis Barker on Youtube tearing up hip hop songs with his intense drumming and if not, go look that up now. Anyway, Barker dropped a mixtape, sponsored by XXL and teamed up with DJ Whoo Kid. It showcases  awesome drumming with some of the top hip hop artists.

Download: Fashawn - Higher Learning Vol. 2 (mixtape)

Fresno, California rapper Fashawn is one of those rappers who has a good range.  He can do fun, chill tracks and he can also do in-your-face raps dissing the competition and showing off his fastest flows.  No matter what kind of track he does though, I'm always down to listen to him rap.  He seems to have more to say than a lot of rappers out there and he has a humility and positivity in his raps that isn't very common.

Video: Kanye West - "All Of The Lights"

First off, don't watch this if you get seizures. Second, Kanye West must be a huge Michael Jackson fan. Third, Rihanna's boobs. But seriously, if you haven't seen this insane video for the single "All Of The Lights" from Kanye's latest (awesome, in my opinion) album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, then your missing out on a crazy experience.

Listen: Tin Horn Prayer - Get Busy Dying (album)

Tin Horn Prayer maybe a newer band to the scene, but the members are not new to music. The band features ex-members of The Blackout Pact, Only Thunder, Ghost Buffalo, Love Me Destroyer and Pinhead Circus. Now the Colorado group has come together to create music that combines rock, bluegrass, and folk with a punk attitude. This is the folk/rock version of the Dropkick Murphy's.

Throwback Album: The Black Keys - Rubber Factory

While the throwback albums I have discussed were a little older than this one, 2004's  Rubber Factory by The Black Keys was my first introduction to the duo from Ohio. As soon as I heard the awesome riffs of "Girl Is On My Mind" and the bluesy-chorus, I was hooked. Nothing sounded so raw and so good for just guitar, drums, and vocals. It had this 70's vibe, but with a contemporary rock sound.

Listen: Telekinesis - "Please Ask for Help"

I recently stumbled across Telekinesis, a one man band of Michael Benjamin Lerner, who hails from Seattle. Recently, he has added two other members, but it is still his project. Telekinesis creates some indie rock mixed with pop, and I really enjoyed the latest album.  They released their first album in 2009 on Merge Records and received favorable reviews.

Listen: Rise Against - "Architects"

As Rise Against get closer to releasing their sixth album, Endgame, my anticipation for the album only grows more. I remember first hearing Rise Against back in 2003/2004, and since then have been a fan. There is something about their punk/rock attitude, blaring guitars, and relentless lyrics that kept my attention. Rise Against is a band who is unafraid to hold back feelings and their thoughts in the music they create.

Video: Cut Copy - "Need You Now"

The electro-pop band from Australia recently released their new album called Zonoscope. The album did well in their native land and even made some splash on the US charts. Usually this type of music I can't really get into, but there are a select few bands that I do enjoy under this genre. Cut Copy has proven to be one of the better in their category.

MP3: Niteflights - "Here Comes Tomorrow"

Another good London band, Niteflights, is creating some indie pop that you are sure to enjoy. Currently, the band is continuing to create as many songs as possible to showcase what they are all about. Niteflights makes music that has indie influences with poppy choruses, and it a combination that proves itself successful for the group.

Listen: Sunshine Factory - "Lower Away"

Here comes some awesome dreamy pop from Los Angeles band Sunshine Factory. In the world of music, the band is fairly young, only fully coming together in 2009 as a complete band. They would self release a demo and start playing as many clubs as possible. Sunshine Factory just released a debut 7-inch with side A containing the song  "Lower Away" and side B with  the track "Tidal Waves."

Download: Skool'd Life - All That Matters (EP)

It is a great thing opening up my email on a daily basis and finding how many awesome artists there are that have yet to truly be discovered. Hip hop team Skool'd Life comes out of Iowa, consisting of rappers Bai Carew and Ben Hagarty,with producers Nate Buck and Markus Frieske. These guys are creating some old school beats with a contemporary flow. I really dig new hip hop artists that are keeping things fresh, yet use a similar style of beats to artists of the past like A Tribe Called Quest or Biggie.

Listen: Pulled Over By The Cops - "Authority" ft. Nate Santos

Ah yes another rap super group of hip hop stars, either a good thing or a bad thing, take that how you want. Sometimes the combination is great, but other times it kind of just fades out. Yet, when you put rappers together that genuinely are pretty damn fresh, magic is bound to happen.

Video: Radiohead - "Lotus Flower"

The talk of the week was Radiohead debuting new material and people were obviously excited. Me? Not so much. I mean don't get me wrong, Radiohead is talented and they have some great songs, but I never get too overly excited about their albums, not sure why. Anyway, I still always give their stuff a listen when I get the chance, and their new single, "Lotus Flower" is a pretty good tune.

MP3: Chiddy Bang - "Baby Roulette"

I guess today is MP3/download Friday as I usually try to mix the type of posts each day, but lucky for you guys there is a lot of awesome free music out right now.I saw my favorite duo from Philly, Chiddy Bang, is back with another dope free track called "Baby Roulette" (Thank you Pretty Much Amazing). Once again it is another song that didn't quite make the cut on the album. If these good ass songs are the type of tracks that are essentially "outtakes," then I should be blown away by what did make the album.

MP3: Hey Rosetta! - "Bandages"

Indie rock band Hey Rosetta! just released their new album, Seeds, this week. It has been moving up the iTunes charts for the Canadian Top Album Charts and surpassed Justin Bieber (About damn time someone does), currently siitting at #3. Since the album is doing well, they decided to give their song "Bandages" for free download.

Download: Fortune Family - Paradox (Mixtape)

Not long ago I featured a video by Fortune Family, a nice rap duo. Just the other day they released a compilation of songs they have been working on and called it Paradox. They create some college/party hip hop songs, like others have done in a similar fashion. This doesn't mean the songs aren't good, just might not be every hip hop fans thing. Yet, they also know how to make some bangers as well, so don't dismiss them as another Asher Roth type.

MP3: Dearling Physique - "Monster"

Out of all the music I get in my email, the Dearling Physique was more of the interesting/unique bands that stood out. The Minneapolis band is having a pretty good 2011 so far, they have just been crowned the “Artist of The Week” at MTV’s popular new music blog, Iggy (Read here). They are also anticipating a live set of their new album on March 15th at SXSW, along with some other live shows.

Video: Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats - "Sandwitches" (Live on Jimmy Fallon)

Well, the insane rap group known as Odd Future made their television debut on the Jimmy Fallon show. Now, most of you have probably seen Tyler, The Creator's disturbing video with his no-holds-bar lyrics for "Yonkers," so one should know what to expect from him and his fellow OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All) members.

Artist: The Avett Brothers

Hailing from North Carolina, brothers Scott and Seth Avett joined together to form their folk/indie group The Avett Brothers. With a few additional members, the music would come together in full force. Their music finds elements of bluegrass, pop, punk, rock, and of course folk. The Avett Brothers seem to perfectly blend many styles that forms their own unique take on folk music.

Listen: James Blake - "You Know Your Youth" & "Tep And Logic"

For all the James Blake fans and hype-sters:  You've already heard Blake's critically successful S/T debut album, but there are a couple of bonus tracks you may have missed.  "Tep And Logic" is from the iTunes version of the album, and "You Know Your Youth" is from, uh, somewhere else.

Download: White House Band - The Stimulus Package EP

For those of you who have been reading posts from this site for awhile now, you may remember a small feature I did on White House Band back in November. If not, you can read that here to get caught up on the finer details. Anyway, White House Band combines genres that include rap, blues, and hard rock

Video: Nicole Atkins - "Vultures"

Nicole Atkins is back at what she does best: make great alternative/folk/rock music. She came off a pretty couple successful years since Neptune City came out on Columbia records. She was able to play some pretty awesome places and made appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and a spot on a British late night music show with Jools Holland. Last year she even got to support The Black Keys on tour, who are one of my favorites.

Listen: Tyler, the Creator "Yonkers" (w/ extra verse)

So I just posted the vid for this song yesterday (hope y'all enjoyed it), but it turns out that the version of "Yonkers" that Odd Future ring-leader, Tyler, the Creator (aka Wolf Haley) put on iTunes has an extra verse and is a minute or so longer.

Download: Dumbo Gets Mad - Elephants At The Door

I first heard about this solo project called Dumbo Gets Mad from a guy who reviews indie music on youtube named Anthony Fantano.  He's got a nice blog/website, called the Needle Drop and he post video reviews every Monday - Friday.  Check him out; he's pretty funny too.  But, back to the music.

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