Artist: The Avett Brothers

Hailing from North Carolina, brothers Scott and Seth Avett joined together to form their folk/indie group The Avett Brothers. With a few additional members, the music would come together in full force. Their music finds elements of bluegrass, pop, punk, rock, and of course folk. The Avett Brothers seem to perfectly blend many styles that forms their own unique take on folk music.

The band has released numerous albums since 2000, some are EP's that are no longer printed, studio albums, and 3 volumes of live albums (which you can hear their energy better). 2007 seemed to be the big year for them as they started getting more notice, even making their first television appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Their 2007 album Emotionalism would be their first to land on the top 200 Billboard, landing at #134. From then on The Avett Brothers popularity continued to grow.

Their last studio album I and Love and You proved to be their best outing, reaching #16 on the charts. The album was also produced by the legendary Rick Rubin. It also generated many positive reviews from critics and fans alike. They recently performed on the Grammy's following Mumford & Sons. Check out The Avett Brothers and catch them live if you can.



This article might get more respect if you put Sean's actual name which is Seth, not Sean at all haha.

Good catch, no idea how Sean got in there lol

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