Download: Dumbo Gets Mad - Elephants At The Door

I first heard about this solo project called Dumbo Gets Mad from a guy who reviews indie music on youtube named Anthony Fantano.  He's got a nice blog/website, called the Needle Drop and he post video reviews every Monday - Friday.  Check him out; he's pretty funny too.  But, back to the music.

Dumbo Gets Mad, as far as I know, is an anonymous solo project based in Italy.  This guy makes some of the trippiest music I've heard so far this year.  We're talking Super Psychedelic here!  It plays tricks on your ears and is great when listened to with good headphones.  One obvious comparison would be Flying Lotus.  But unlike FlyLo, his music usually has vocals.  But, it has that very experimental, playful aspect to it.  And it's all recorded analog so it's got great sound quality too.

The best thing about Dumbo Gets Mad though, is that he's "selling" his debut album for a tweet.  That's right, you just have to tweet about it and it downloads onto your computer.  The internet is a beautiful thing.  So, if you're in the mood for some fun, trippy Psych music, you have no reason not to check out Dumbo. Just click here to get the album.  And check out the song "Plumy Tale" below.



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