Download: Fashawn - Higher Learning Vol. 2 (mixtape)

Fresno, California rapper Fashawn is one of those rappers who has a good range.  He can do fun, chill tracks and he can also do in-your-face raps dissing the competition and showing off his fastest flows.  No matter what kind of track he does though, I'm always down to listen to him rap.  He seems to have more to say than a lot of rappers out there and he has a humility and positivity in his raps that isn't very common.

Fashawn's latest mixtape, Higher Learning Vol. 2, is just more reason for me to love him.  He once again shows that he has excellent taste in beats and that he still has a plenty of things to say.  His flow is more enjoyable than ever on this mixtape.  I really got into his 2009 debut album, Boy Meets World, and he's improved even more on this release, further living up to all the hype he got for his debut.

The F also collaborates frequently with J. Cole on the mixtape, another awesome rapper that 's been talked about on OSF before.  Just another reason why you need to listen to it.  Download it here, and check out the song "Nothin' for the Radio (ft. J.Cole)" below.



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