Download: White House Band - The Stimulus Package EP

For those of you who have been reading posts from this site for awhile now, you may remember a small feature I did on White House Band back in November. If not, you can read that here to get caught up on the finer details. Anyway, White House Band combines genres that include rap, blues, and hard rock

Yes, I know what you may be thinking: rap/rock? I thought that died in the late 90's/early 2000's? Well, that terrible music did, since there were way too many bands trying it and only a select few could actually pull it off. Yet, White House Band isn't just another band that fades into that rap/rock genre, they are much deeper than that.

Sweet grooves, heavy guitars, and some honest lyrics drive White House Band to something more original than past rap/rock artists. The Stimulus Package EP was released this week, showcasing 6 of their newest tracks. The guys put some work into their music, but are offering it for free download. Listen to the EP below and click "Download" to get it for free.



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