Listen: House of Wolves - Fold in the Wind (Album)

House of Wolves is a solo effort by singer/songwriter and multiple-instrument player Rey Villalobos. The debut album is called Fold in the Wind, and is filled with haunting melodies, poetic lyrics, and a sound that is original. Bands that may come to mind when comparing to House of Wolves are: Elliot Smith, Sufjan Stevens, and Beach House.

In 2010 Rey could be found touring all over the place and finishing up the album. Fold in the Wind is due out this spring, but you can listen to the full thing below. The music is mellow and beautifully mesmerizing. The combination of ambient, indie, and folk never sounded so good. Make sure to get the album and you can also download the track "50's"  for free below.


omg i'm in love!

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