Listen: James Blake - "You Know Your Youth" & "Tep And Logic"

For all the James Blake fans and hype-sters:  You've already heard Blake's critically successful S/T debut album, but there are a couple of bonus tracks you may have missed.  "Tep And Logic" is from the iTunes version of the album, and "You Know Your Youth" is from, uh, somewhere else.

They're both the usual mind-bending, abstract pieces of music that use loops of Blake's voice and other various sounds.  They remind me a lot of his Klaiverwerke EP more than the album.  Check them out below, and I also added one of my favs from the album for the sake of those who have only heard "Wilhelm Scream" and the other popular songs.


"You Know Your Youth"

"Tep And Logic"

"To Care (Like You)"


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