Listen: Tin Horn Prayer - Get Busy Dying (album)

Tin Horn Prayer maybe a newer band to the scene, but the members are not new to music. The band features ex-members of The Blackout Pact, Only Thunder, Ghost Buffalo, Love Me Destroyer and Pinhead Circus. Now the Colorado group has come together to create music that combines rock, bluegrass, and folk with a punk attitude. This is the folk/rock version of the Dropkick Murphy's.

The music is soulful, with great stories within the lyrics and the attitude of having a good time with friends at a bar is evident, it is just fun music. This past summer they released the album called Get Busy Dying. The album is filled with 10 songs that come at you like Tin Horn Prayer are ready for a party, and they are. The tunes are great and something different from the norm in their genre. Take a listen to the album below and you can purchase the it here.



Download: Tin Horn Prayer -"Fighting Sleep"


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