MP3: Chiddy Bang - "Baby Roulette"

I guess today is MP3/download Friday as I usually try to mix the type of posts each day, but lucky for you guys there is a lot of awesome free music out right now.I saw my favorite duo from Philly, Chiddy Bang, is back with another dope free track called "Baby Roulette" (Thank you Pretty Much Amazing). Once again it is another song that didn't quite make the cut on the album. If these good ass songs are the type of tracks that are essentially "outtakes," then I should be blown away by what did make the album.

"Baby Roulette" finds Xaphoon creating another pretty insane beat with a Nintendo video game vibe in it. The track also features a hook from Train, who recently won a Grammy for the very annoying song "Hey Soul Sister." Yet, Train still fits in fine with Chiddy's fly lyrics and Xaphoon's production. Listen and download the song below.



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