MP3: Gorilla Warfare Tactics - "The Tale of Mr. Street"

I know I know, I'm like a week late on this track. But hey, I just recently listened to how awesome these dudes are, bare with me there is a lot of music out right now. Now that I got that out of the way, check out this second ridiculously good track by Gorilla Warfare Tactics called "The Tale of Mr. Street." 

The NYC trio kind of emerged out of know where a few weeks ago, but have already gained noteworthy buzz. Well, when you create a dope track like "Temptations" and actually sample The Temptations, then throw in some great wordplay, and then only tease people with that one track, you're bound to get them talking. Marketing geniuses.

Not long after that song was released, they would hit the masses with "The Tale of Mr. Street." They also released a short freestyle video on Youtube, which was incredible. I also posted that a few days ago. That is all we got from the group so far, but next week they are hitting us with a small preview EP and then summer will be a full mixtape. Stay tuned, because I will be following them closely.

Listen and download "The Tale of Mr. Street" below. Also, Facebook these dudes to stay in the loop.


Download: Gorilla Warfare Tactics - "The Tale of Mr. Street"


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