MP3: Pilots - "White Knuckle Tight Grip"

Representing the UK comes another great band called Pilots. The pop/indie group is a young band only coming together in May 2010, although by their songs you would think they've been around the block. The track "White Knuckle Tight Grip" was chosen as one of MySpace's 123 Playlist, which was played on BBC Radio and XFM Radio. That is some nice exposure for a band not even a year old.

The attention that the Pilots has received is pretty incredible and they working on more material to release in the upcoming months. The song has this vibe similar to The Police, but with a more modern indie edge. I found the track to be catchy and something I could easily see making waves on the radio. The song is currently available to download, take a listen to the MP3 below.


Download: Pilots - "White Knuckle Tight Grip"


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