Throwback Album: The Black Keys - Rubber Factory

While the throwback albums I have discussed were a little older than this one, 2004's  Rubber Factory by The Black Keys was my first introduction to the duo from Ohio. As soon as I heard the awesome riffs of "Girl Is On My Mind" and the bluesy-chorus, I was hooked. Nothing sounded so raw and so good for just guitar, drums, and vocals. It had this 70's vibe, but with a contemporary rock sound.

Another band, like The White Stripes (RIP) come to mind, but The Black Keys struck more with me than the Stripes. I think it was the emotion in Dan's voice/guitar playing and Pat's flawless drumming. How can a duo of just guitar and drums create such an awesome album of blues/garage music? The answer to that question is plain talent, something plenty of bands are missing.

Now, The Black Keys are not just a underground group anymore, their songs are almost everywhere. They recently won a well-deserved Grammy and I couldn't be happier for them. Sure some people will complain that they "Sold Out." Why? Because they got popular and some songs are in commercials? I could care less how popular they become and if you do, you weren't really a fan in the first place.

Some highlight tracks from the album include: "When the Lights Go Out," "10 A.M. Automatic," "The Desperate Man," "Girl Is On My Mind," and "Stack Shot Billy." In any case, just buy the album, it is damn good. Listen/watch some live performances below.



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