Video: Bad Rabbits - "Human Nature" (Michael Jackson Cover)

Oh Bad Rabbits, you guys never fail me. Ever since I heard about these guys I have been a big fan. They have slowly been popping up on people's radar, which I say about damn time! Bad Rabbits really are doing big things lately: working on new material, playing shows, and doing a series of cover songs. The first cover song they did, which I posted, became the second all-time most popular post of my site. In that MP3 post they covered the Deftones, and it was hands down one of the best covers of a song I have ever heard.

Continuing further in to the cover series, last week they posted a video of them performing Michael Jackson's "Human Nature."  This is the Bad Rabbits second song choice for the cover series as MJ was one of their inspirations. Once again the guys struck gold and the cover is phenomenal. To cover MJ and pull it off really well is a challenge; not many bands could do it this good. I'm anticipating the entire series of cover songs. Watch the video of Bad Rabbits performing "Human Nature" below and you can grab the MP3 for free.



Download: Bad Rabbits - "Human Nature"


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