Video: Cut Copy - "Need You Now"

The electro-pop band from Australia recently released their new album called Zonoscope. The album did well in their native land and even made some splash on the US charts. Usually this type of music I can't really get into, but there are a select few bands that I do enjoy under this genre. Cut Copy has proven to be one of the better in their category.

With their February release, they also created a video for the single "Need You Now." The video is pretty interesting as it focuses on different sports and focuses on people playing with their athleti equipment. It kind of reminds of like a big music ad for Nike or Reebok.  However, it really gets betterg when the athletes have axes and swords, while they run around swinging these dangerous objects. Needless to say, watch the whole thing it is pretty entertaining. If you haven't picked up a copy of Zonoscope yet, check it out.



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