Video: Gorilla Warfare Tactics - "East Village Freestyle"

Wow, how did I ever miss the awesomeness that is Gorilla Warfare Tactics? Oh, well probably because they only released very limited stuff like 3 weeks ago and are pretty new to the hip hop scene. However, that hasn't stopped the group from New York to get some buzz already.

The first song I head by them was called "Temptations," which is such a ridiculously good song. Like seriously, where did these guys come from? The beat is simply sick with an old school vibe and some dope lyrics. They are currently working on their debut EP, which is set to drop sometime in February. I am excited to hear what they can bring, so far they haven't disappointed. Sound like a lot of hype? Maybe it is, but watch this live freestyle video of Gorilla Warfare Tactics rip it up. Also check out "Temptations" below the video.



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