Video: J. Cole - "In the Morning" ft. Drake

J. Cole is probably one of the best up and coming rappers hands down. He released the best mixtape of 2010 in my opinion, I even say in the past 10 years too. Yes, I'm going that far. Each track was perfect and not one of the songs should be skipped, J. Cole is pure gold. His mixtape Friday Night Lights was better than half the hip hop albums that you had to purchase in 2010, and that is saying something.

Anyway, "In the Morning" has one of the chillest beats you'll hear on the mixtape. The song features Drake, who I'm always not sure about. Some tracks he delivers and others not quite where I think he should be, but that's me. He is a nice addition to the song though.

The video basically was shot while the two were on tour. It shows them performing on stage, things going on behind the scenes, and there is a little side story to match the song. Watch below.



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