Video: Peter Bjorn & John - "Second Chance"

Peter Bjorn & John are a interesting trio of indie rockers hailing from Sweden. They have gained notoriety a few years back and have since been many music lovers go-to indie band. Now on the verge of releasing their sixth album, Gimme Some, they have approached the music a little differently. This time around they have more of a rock sound, losing some of the experimental aspects they sometimes incorporated in their tunes.

The video for the single "Second Chance" is pretty damn entertaining. It shows the trio rocking out on a small stage looking a little dirty and wearing some unique um attire. There are random things like paper, balloons, strings, and such flying up into the air. Pretty anti-gravitational pull if you ask me, but hey watch this cool video and be on the look out for Peter Bjorn & John's new album in March.



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