Video: The Walkmen - "While I Shovel the Snow"

Sorry for all those that got dumped with snow this year (I'm included) that really could use a much more "warmer" title of a song, but this is the latest from The Walkmen. If you do not know much about the indie rock band, you can read more about them in the artist profile we did a little while back here. The Walkmen released their latest album, Lisbon, back in September. The album did quite well and generally received all positive remarks, it was a great album.

The track, "While I Shovel the Snow" is a softer and more pop track from the band, but the song is beautifully composed. The video is a great addition as well (Yes, I know screw snow), but the shots of the city with the snow adds something more emotional to the song. Watch below and if you haven't, give the album Lisbon a listen.



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