XXL Freshman Class 2011 - Hits & Misses

The traditional freshman cover has been released, showcasing who XXL Magazine has chosen as this year's upcoming rappers/hip hop artists to watch for. Obviously, not everyone is going to agree in its entirety and I give credit to the staff of XXL as I am sure this is not a easy task to complete. Usually I tend to agree with at least half or more of XXL's choices, and this year continues that. Out of the 11 faces they put on the cover, I feel like 7 are correctly there. However, there are 4 that I am not so sure should be on the cover, one of those 4 I don't necessarily think is a bad rapper. Anyway below are the ones I think are the hits, misses, and who should of been on the front page. Thoughts are always welcomed.

Big K.R.I.T. - I've really become a fan and enjoy his music. A lot of people are starting to catch on to his stuff and this should be a big year for him.

Kendrick Lamar - I still have Lamar's last mixtape in heavy rotation, it's a banger.

Mac Miller - Another Pittsburgh native making it big, Mac really started turning heads in 2010, not only for his rapping skills, but he had just graduated high school.

Meek Mill - Philly's finest. Meek has been on the grind for a few years and is really starting to explode now that he is teamed up with Maybach Music. Some people seemed to think he shouldn't be on the list, not sure why his mixtapes are fire.

Yelawolf - Not real big into Yela, but he has skills. The southern rapper made headlines not long ago signing with Eminem. This will be his year to blow up, which has been a long time coming now.

Diggy - I don't really like Diggy, yet. The talent is there and his potential is through the roof. I think it is his adolescent voice that throws me off, but he does have some lyrical skill. He is a true freshman on the list.

CyHi Da Prynce - I've been enjoying CyHi's mixtapes for a while now and with Kanye's direction, he will have many good years ahead.

Lil' B - His social media skills are quite the best, generating thousands of followers and engaging people all the time. He gets it, too bad his music is awful. That's great he can release a new mixtape like every other day, but quality is what counts.

Fred the Godson - Fred is the one that I don't think is horrible, just not sure he belongs on the cover yet. I really have no other thoughts on him, since I can't determine exactly how I feel. He has skill, but is 2011 really his year?

Lil' Twist - Just don't like his music. Not sure anyone that I know actually likes any of his stuff.

YG - Who? Doesn't he have like one song out there? I've heard virtually nothing about him, and from what I've listened to, don't care to know anymore.

Who Should of Been On:

Theophilus London - Talk about creating something new in Hip Hop. He recently dropped and EP and I love it. I did see the XXL editors talking about that they weren't sure what to do with London, but still put him on the website for some mention. His style is very unique compared to some that have been featured, which may have been why it was difficult for XXL's placement.

Chris Webby - If you want talent look no further than Chris Webby. He is blowing up the Internet. This kid seems to be everywhere lately and he is making an impact in hip hop. Another of the wave of white rappers, but he can spit. He is still relatively young and new to the hype, so maybe next year will be more fitting for him.

Chip Tha Ripper - Cleveland's native has really caught on, especially with me. I didn't really dig it at first, but he really grew on me. I heard that he was offered a part of XXL, but wanted nothing to do with it. Not sure, anyone know?

XV - Another name I saw heavily around the Internet and blog world who I would say got robbed. Yet again, I heard the same thing about him as with Chip.



I feel like Lil' B got there mostly on hype. While Lil Twist and YG probably had strong backing from their respective camps (Young Money, Weezy and Def Jam, Snoop, 50 respectively). Theophilus London definitely should have been on there but you're right, his style doesn't really match up. They were probably a little bit hesitant about having 3 caucasian dudes up there and with Yela being essentially a lock, they had to choose between Mac and Webby. Webby's got next year though.

Totally with you on Lil B, I really don't think he is that good at all. And yeah Lil Twist and YG def have alot of backing, but they'll fade out.

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