Download: Guitars - I'm Really Sorry You Guys (EP)

I really like when bands offer some music for free to expand their name and get people listening. I think for a lot of new bands this is a perfect way to get your name around. That being said a band by the name of Guitars is offering their new EP I'm Really Sorry You Guys for free. The music they make has been described by their bio as psychedelic country / folk, but I also hear some experimental sounds in the mix.

The story begins with husband and wife team Kenric and Shanna McDowell, who spent time in Peru then decided to get married. They would then pack up and move to NY to record some music. Now Guitars is a four piece band having toured the US and Western Canada. As they continue on their musical adventure they find new fans everyday. The new EP has 4 wonderfully crafted songs which are a great addition to your collection of music. Check out a video for the track "Keep In Mind" and click the link below to download the EP.


Download: Guitars - I'm Really Sorry You Guys (EP)


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