Video: Cut Copy perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Australian dance-pop chillsters Cut Copy recently made their way to late night TV, giving a very memorable performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Friday.  Why was the performance memorable?  Two words: Gorilla Costume.

The band performed their song "Take Me Over" from their latest, very awesome album Zonoscope with their usual set up: drums, bass, guitar, and lead singer Dan Whitford on keys.  But, there was an extra performer present, a guy in a gorilla costume wearing bright pink wayfarers banging away on the timbales (lol).

It was pretty funny, but also kind of awkward since at the end Jimmy Fallon didn't even comment about the strange addition to the group.  But, keep watching while the credits are rolling and you'll see the monkey-suited man pull Fallon in for a big hug that he looked less than comfortable with.  Good stuff.  Watch the performance below by skipping to about the 35 minute mark.

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