Video: Gees Extortion - "Mic Bust"

I've featured a few tracks from the New York native Gees Extortion a little while back. His in your face attitude an gritty lyrics attack your ears, but he shows he has punchlines for days. I've posted "Mic Bust" before and now he returns with a video for the bumpin' tune.

"Mic Bust" is the second release from his debut LP Underground King and definitely goes hard. It is produced by European beat maker Hala-X, which features a nice sample and the hook from Eric B. & Rakim's classic "In the Ghetto." The video stays true to the grit of the track and even feels like it came out of some of the best underground hip hop artists of the 90's. I'd dare any rapper to take on Gees Extortion, he'll leave you with nothing to say. Watch below.

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shit! i couldnt have said it any better myself!

yo this guy is dope i havent heard anything like this since the early 90's where has this rapper been somebody needs to take notice of real talent

No doubt he's an all-out in-your-face type of rapper, not many exist like that anymore

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