Video: The Strokes - "Under Cover of Darkness"

As the glorious return of The Strokes continues, we (music bloggers & fans alike) were waiting patiently for a new video of their single, "Under Cover of Darkness."  The Strokes clearly want to come back with a bang and certainly have delivered with the first single. To add to that bang, comes the rockstar video that  the guys were destined to make.

Lead singer Julian Casablanca is looking as rockstar as he could be, chillin' in his shades walking around owning the place. The video fits well with the song even if it is nothing groundbreaking. "Under Cover of Darkness" is one my new favorite songs by The Strokes. Be prepared for the album Angles, coming soon. Watch below.



Love this site!! Can't get enough fun music and love to find the hidden gems!

Thank you! Appreciate that :)

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