Video: Tidewater - "Halo" (Beyonce Cover)

Warning: this cover by Tidewater may just blow you away with its awesomeness. Plain and simple I don't think anyone covered Beyonce as cool and original as Tidewater. Currently, his new  EP The Way That I Want You drops Tomorrow, March 8th.

The cover is a perfect blend of pop and indie with a signature banjo, which adds something so much more orginal. Sorry Beyonce, I dig Tidewater's version way more. It has more arrangements of instruments that swirl into your ears, it is truly a wonderful version.

Here is a few facts about Tidewater: sold over 1000 units of his full length The Seas We Sail  in the first 3 weeks; no label or distribution, spent three weeks in a row on in the top 50 bestsellers, and had features in AMP Magazine and HM Magazine. That all right there should tell you something about the DIY attitude and talent Tidewater has. Watch the video for "Halo" below and be on the lookout for the new EP.



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