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Download: Warm Gun - For Days (Album)

I'm all about giving upcoming musicians trying to make it the industry have their music heard. It is not easy, but with blogs and other forms of social media, it makes it a little easier. I usually post people who are taking their craft seriously and generally have a passion. Brian Chinn aka Warm Gun has been working on his brand of hip hop and shows some serious potential.

Hailing from Seatlle he recently released his brand new album For Days. The album is free and is technically a mixtape. It features original production, which is really clean and some excellent quality. While the hip hop industry is increasinly getting crowded, Warm Gun has something about him that stands out. Give his album a listen and you can download it for free. Also, watch the video for "All Real" featuring a sick sample of the Foo Fighters "The Pretender," (which he played on guitar).

Connect with Warm Gun: Facebook | Website


Listen: Portugal. The Man - "Got It All (This Can't Be Livinig Now)"

The experimental indie-rock group Portugal. The Man have been around for a couple years now. To me, they have one of the most unique sounds in the music industry and it has not gone unnoticed.  After working with independent labels, in 2010 they would sign with Atlantic. That may scare some fans, especially when artists/bands jump to major label. Yet, you can''t always go by that. One band I love, Circa Survive, moved to Atlantic and they created an amazing album.

In any rate, Portugal. The Man is anticipating their major label debut this summer. The new album is called In the Mountain, In the Cloud, and is due out in July. They recently released a new song on YouTube called "Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)," which you can listen below.

Connect with Portugal. The ManFacebook | Twitter | Youtube


Video: Lykke Li - "Sadness Is A Blessing"

I'm not gonna lie, I think Lykke Li is kinda sexy.  She's sexy in that strong-willed-but-still-cute-and-innocent way.  If you read any of her interviews, it's easy to see that she is a strong and independent woman.  If you watch any of her live performances, you'll notice she has the on-stage presence of a big, male rapper dude rather than a small, Swedish girl.  In her music, she reveals every aspect of her personality: her romantic passion, her lust, her broken heart, her strength, her fury.  And when you look at those big, brown eyes, it's like you can see all of that at once too; and that's sexy.

Li's newest video for the song "Sadness Is A Blessing", is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.  The song, off her latest album, Wounded Rhymes, is one of her most emotionally bare, and she really bares her emotions all over this video.  She expresses so much through those wild dance moves while people look on or try and stop her.  It all seems really personal, like you feel guilty for watching it.  But, she wants you to.

The video is directed really well, and it also stars Stellan Skarsgard (you know that guy from Good Will Hunting who fights with Robin Williams a lot).  I read in a Rolling Stone article that Li's been told by three different psychics that she was born with a broken heart.  This song kind of makes a lot of sense after hearing that.  Watch the video below.

Connect Lykke Li: Facebook | MySpaceWebsite


MP3: Luke Christopher - "Rooftops" ft. Asher Roth

This is a new artist that I have been introduced thanks to that nice site by the name of Hypetrak, good looks. Anyway, this track bumps hard and really love it. The delivery between Luke Christopher and Asher Roth is dynamite, and they should continue to do some tracks together.

The kid is young, only 17, but already sounds like someone in the game for a couple years. Be on the lookout for Luke Christopher in the future, he is bound to make some serious noise. His mixtape is coming out soon. Listen and download to "Rooftops" below.

Connect with Luke Christopher: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Video: Ben Harper - "Rock N' Roll is Free"

I have not listened to Ben Harper for a few years now, in fact I had nearly forgotten about the singer/songwriter. Luckily, I got an email about his latest animated video for his new single "Rock N' Roll is Free." Harper is known to mix many elements in his music from rock, blues, soul, reggae, and jam rock. With this song, he has a pure rock n'roll Americana type song, which is sure to please his devoted following.

This song is from Harper's new album called Give Till It's Gone, due out May 17th.  This will be his first solo album since 2006, so this album is a long time coming for fans. Based on this song alone, I think this album has potential to put Harper back in the spotlight, he is a talented musician. The video is animated and has the lyrics pop up on the screen. It has a real laid back and cool style, which fits this song perfectly. Watch below.

Connect with Ben Harper: Facebook | TwitterWebsite


MP3: Jhameel - "The Human Condition"

Music originality is hard to come by these days. True, most artist have influences that without, probably never would have inspired them to create music, but there is a big difference from doing what is popular at the time to being influenced by past musicians. Luckily, one talented and original artist goes by the name Jhameel.

Taking influences from Prince and Jonsi, then reworking it to make it entirely his own, is a pretty incredible feat. His music combines numerous orchestral instruments, percussion, synth's, and some soulful vocals into his songs, especially with "The Human Condition."  You can hear not only some soul, but pop and funk. This song will be impossible to resist, it is truly a masterpiece. He also does some sweet covers of T-Pain and Fleet Foxes too. Give Jhameel some time, and he is bound to become big.

Connect with Jhameel: Facebook | TwitterWebsite


Video/MP3: The Foreign Films - "A Message"

Bill Majoros has experienced it all when it comes to music. He has been writing and recording for years, finding out what it has been like playing empty bars, to packed arenas. His previous band Flux A.D. split into different projects including Feist, The Great Lake Swimmers, and Holy Fuck. This hasn't stopped Bill as he has been hard at working creating the music he loves and even has appearances from Kori Pop and Alex McMaster of Arcade Fire.

He goes by The Foreign Films moniker and this past February he dropped a awesome EP. He created a fresh blend of indie, pop, and a touch of psychedelic. The track "A Message" is one of the stand out tracks and the song he created a video for. The video has over 4,000 photos to create a stop motion video. The song is also available for free from his bandcamp page, and you can also buy the whole EP too.

Connect with The Foreign Films: Bandcamp | Facebook | Website


Artist: Danko Jones

Canada has brought us some great music over the years (and no Nickelback is not one of them), and it has been awhile since I posted some good rock music. I would like to introduce you to the rock trio from Toronto, Danko Jones. This is a band that has been around for some time, but manages to sneak under everyones radar, at least that's what I think. They may not be new to everyone, but I know most people who I've introduced their music to, has not heard of them before.

I first heard Danko Jones back in 2003 with their album We Sweat Blood.  Everything you'd expect from a good hard rock album was there: fast sometimes crunchy-metal riffs, short but sweet songs, and a album cover that screamed bad ass. A few songs had become really popular on the local stations around me and I had to buy the album. Then it seemed like Danko Jones faded, until more recently when I heard another song played on the radio and it sparked my memories of that album.

After taking a look back in their catalog Danko Jones never went anywhere having released 3 records after, all having that same gritty rock feel I had loved from We Sweat Blood. It seems after reading some more they were doing well in their homeland of Canada and tours in Europe,  but not much about the USA. Which is a shame because they have some of the purist forms of rock that I think the States really lack.

Danko Jones has released 5 albums with Below the Belt being their latest (released in May 2010). I'm hoping people start picking up their records, each one has the raw energy that makes a rock band memorable.

Connect with Danko Jones: Facebook | iTunes | Twitter | Website


Video: John Maus - "Believer"

With all the trippy videos I post on here you'd think I like trippy videos or something.  I do, but that's besides the point.  This trippy video comes courtesy of singer/songwriter John Maus who's spent a lot of time with singer/songwriter Ariel Pink in the past exchanging musical ideas.  As soon as you here the first two seconds of this song, you can hear the connection to Ariel Pink this guy has.

Both artists make retro-sounding, psychedelic music that's, well, really trippy.  But, they also base their trippiness on catchy, well-written songs.  And while Ariel Pink can be a little too crazy for me sometimes, Maus seems like a more chill, normal bro.  This song "Believer", off his upcoming album We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves, is just awesome.  It starts out very retro, and kind of cheesy, but it builds to be very epic and just plain beautiful.  The video is very psychedelic though, and you shouldn't watch it if you get seizures.  It might even be more strobey than Kanye's "All Of The Lights" video.  Watch it below.

Connect with John Maus: MySpace | Website


Video: Incubus - "Adolescents"

Incubus has been one of my favorite bands since I was handed a copy of the album S.C.I.E.N.C.E back around the time their mega hit "Drive" off of the follow-up album Make Yourself was released. What initially attracted me to the band was their alternative rock/funk/metal blend, which now has transcended more into just alternative rock. Although they have matured with their sound, I still like everything they released. Incubus is always pure goodness to my ears. 

Since dropping Light Grenades in 2006, I've been saying how much we need Incubus back, and now 5 years later we do. They dropped a new single, "Adolescents" a few weeks ago and now have a new video as well. The video is not flashy, just the band performing in a grayish room, but the members are so captivating that you won't get bored. Watch below and be on the lookout for the new album called If Not Now, When? coming out later this year.


MP3: Malcolm Spaulding - "Indiglo"

Every now and then I enjoy some feel good R & B. I did not used to be into that much, but it has been growing on me. I was recently was emailed by a NY singer/songwriter Malcolm Spaulding who has been singing pretty much his entire life. When I first listen to his track "Indiglo" I heard influences of Boyz II Men and Luther Vandross. I could see why he mentioned those two in his email.

"Indiglo" was released last week on 4/20 and is the first single off his first solo project called First Things First. This EP will be his first real steps into finding his own within the music industry. It is a tough business, but once you find that voice and keep working hard good things can come. He mentioned in his email, "My goal in this industry is to make music that warms hearts, soothes ears, and stimulates minds." I think with "Indiglo" he accomplishes just that. Listen and download "Indiglo" below.

Connect with Malcolm Spaulding: BandcampFacebook | Twitter


Video: Bruno Mars - "The Lazy Song"

I bet some of you are thinking, "He likes Bruno Mars?" Yes, the guy has more talent than any other trash pop star currently out *ahem* Ke$ha *ahem* Ms. Spears. I'll admit I'm not a big pop fan, but let's face it, Bruno has some charming music. The guy is on another level and will be a staple in music for a long time. I remember before B.o.B. blew up and I downloaded "Nothin' On You" the day it was released. I had no idea who Bruno Mars was. I knew he would be huge, but never thought as big as he has gotten.

Anyway, besides writing some catchy tunes for the likes of Cee Lo Green, Bruno proves he knows how to create some catchy songs for his own that will put you in a good mood. "The Lazy Song" might be one of my favorites, with its quotable lines, infectious melody, and witty lyrics, it is bound to make you smile. Yet, what makes this song even better is the hilarious video. Shot like he is on web cam, he has some fellow dancers with monkey masks mimicking his moves. When they all drop their pants around the 2:32 mark, I nearly lost it the first time laughing. Even if you do not like Bruno Mars, at least appreciate his goofy, but charming video.


Listen: Clams Casino - "Motivation"

Alright, so it's true that Clams Casino got his start producing beats for Lil B and Soulja Boy, but the guy really does have talent even if the rappers who discovered him don't have much.  He made all his beats without any specific rappers in mind, and it turns out they are a lot better if listened to without anyone rapping over them.

Each beat unfolds like a good instrumental song should, and you get a better appreciation for the unique sounds this guy puts together for his jamming beats.  Clams recent instrumental mixtape is awesome, and I've been blasting it a lot the past few days.  I have no problem listening to 12 of this guy's beats in a row, and the mixtape really flows like an album.  Listen to the track "Motivation" below and to get a taste of the mixtape, which you can download here.  Sounds so much better without Lil B doesn't it?

Connect with Clams Casino: Myspace | Twitter


MP3: Dam-Funk - Truth (Mixtape for Oki-ni)

Man, you gotta love funk. It can put you in a awesome mood, especially the vibe of Dam-Funk. While the genre really has slowed down compare to past years, their are still artists looking to revive the modern era into groovin' back into funk, and that is what I admire about Dam-Funk.

Dam-Funk made a mix of songs he listens to on a given day and stuff that puts him in a good mood. The mix showcases some golden classics that people are soon to rediscover or just discover. The man knows his stuff. You can listen and download everything in one track below.

Larry Bright - Sunbeams
Fashion - Love Shadow
Onra - Moving
Norma Jean - High Society
Charles Earland - Tell Me What It Is
Paradise - Stop And Think
Glenn Jones - Everybody Loves A Winner
Oliver Cheatham - Something About You
Bryan Loren - For Tonight
Mazarati - She's Just That Kind Of Lady
Tangent - I Just Got To Be Free
Jimmy G. - Get It On
Prince & The Revolution - Girl
Baby Buddha - My Generation
Prefab Sprout - Silhouettes
Prefab Sprout - Spinning Belinda
B.F.C. - The Climax
Jeff The Brotherhood - Beastmaster 420

oki-ni presents TRUTH by DaM-FunK by oki-ni

Listen: Animal Farm - "Test of Time" ft. Talib Kweli

If you are looking for that soul fueled hip hop vibe, look no further than the Animal Farm. The Portland based group truly has impressed me with this track. I never really heard of them before, but came across them on a few sites and had to check it out.  The group has gained a following by opening for some huge national acts in the past 5 years. Some of the artists include: Common, Method Man, Redman, LMFAO, GZA, RZA, Ghostface Killah, Wiz Khalifa, N.E.R.D., KRS-One, The Cool Kids, De La Soul, The Game, Del, Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Ozomatli, and more.

That list is pretty impressive, but their rhymes and beats are up to par. Animal Farm came to light in 2008 with their debut album The Unknown. Now, they return with new material and the first song they release is called "Test of Time" featuring a lyrical king, Talib Kweli. This track is from the new album called Culture Shock. Listen below and pick up the single on iTunes.

Connect with Animal Farm: Facebook | MySpace | Twitter


Reflection: We Are Half a Year Old?

So it has been a interesting journey since I started this blog 6 months ago back in November. Technically 5 months if you count November to December 1 month and so on, but we'll go by the months that posts have been up. In that short amount of time I not only learned what blogging is all about, but been in contact with some really great people.

When I first started this blog, I was already big into music and doing some freelance work. One day it kind of just clicked after seeing someone I know having some success with their site, that maybe I should start my own. I never would of imagined how many thousands of other music bloggers have done the same. Hell, I did not even know what music aggregators like Hype even were. I guess you could say at first, I was in way  over my head. Yet, I'm the type who likes a challenge and likes to learn by doing.

One of the biggest challenges for me right off the bat, was how will I stand out among the thousands of blogs without regurgitating the same stuff. Obviously, some things will be similar on blogs, it's going to happen. My thought however was to post what I want when I want, and stuck to that philosophy. Sometimes I may post something that a lot of people are too on the same day, maybe I'll have it a few days before or after. Being the first to post has never been a priority, nor should it for anyone, you'll go nuts. The second thing that goes along with my "Music blogging philosophy," is to post stuff that might have been missed or not everyone knew about. I may do a artist profile on a band making music for ten years, just to get it out there again. True many may know about them already, but there are still others who have no clue. I know I'm still discovering music of bands who have had like 3 albums and I'm just hearing their stuff now. This is where my Throwback Album feature came into play as well.

Once I got into blogging, I also told my self I would never create a Twitter account, but I did for the blog and I am glad I did. I met some really cool people who run great sites that helped me in the beginning with any questions I had. The good fella at Listen Before You Buy I think was the first I ever had a conversation with. He's a good dude and gave me some insight when I had emailed him some questions. Then there is other blogs like This Bonus Track, Chinup MusicSpacepack, and Mostly Junkfood, where we all kind of clicked. The first 3 had all started right around the same month, so it was interesting to see what we all learned and could share with each other.

Luckily, the music blog industry if you will, is nothing like the actual music industry. Yes, we all put a lot of time and heart into our sites, just like people in the industry, but I think we are more "Competitive Friendly " for the most part. We all want the readers and the best music, but we don't hate on each other; none of those dirty business shenanigans. It is real easy to talk to anyone and ask questions.

Sorry for the length of this post, I just thought I should take a break for a sec and reflect on the past 5 or 6 months, however you look at it. Anyone who is reading and is considering starting a blog, do it. It may be intimidating at first, but the community will welcome you. You'll see ups and downs, but you can't give up. I'm looking forward to the future and where this site may take me and I still have much to learn. Thanks to all the bloggers, readers, musicians, and anyone who has frequented this site or submitted music, I hope you continue to do so.

Here is a new favorite track I've been playing, just decided to add some music in case you rather not read all my jargon.

THE 58's Feat. B.White & Ghosty "Daydreamin" (Prod.Git Beats) by gitbeats

Download: The 58's - Self Titled (Mixtape)

I still can't decide which side of Pennsylvania has better hip hop, Philly or Pittsburgh. Every time I lean one way, the opposite side impresses me, its like a tug of war match. This self titled mixtape from Pittsburgh natives The 58's has truly blown me away. This may be the modern Wu-Tang. The 58's is comprised of spitters Franchise, B. White, Vinny Radio, Ghosty, Mayo, and Primavera Vills. Taking turns dishing out rhymes like candy, these dudes are bound to blow up.

The mixtape has an impressive 20 tracks with 3 bonus songs. Production comes from Big Jerm (Mac Millers go to producer, he'll be a name not to forget), KHRYSIS, P. Fish and more. It was stated on the datpiff page that the name The 58's represent 5ths of the best liquor and 8ths of the best weed, sounds like a true Burg hip hop group. No matter, this mixtape bumps hard. Listen and download below.

Connect with The 58's: Facebook


Certified Fresh: Curren$y - Covert Coup

We all know Curren$y as a New Orleans-based weed rapper, but the whole weed rapper thing seems to be a growing phenomenon lately, and the term can be applied to many different rappers from Wiz Khalifa to Snoop.  They all like to rap about their favorite substance and the lifestyle that goes along with it, but besides that they don't have much in common.  So let's not call Curren$y a weed rapper.  Let's just call him a damn talented rapper who's on a roll right now.

Ever since dropping off from Cash Money Records to do things on his own in 2007, Curren$y's been one of the most prolific underground rappers out there.  He released several mixtapes in 2008, two albums in 2009, two albums again in 2010, and now, only four months into 2011, he's already released two mixtapes and this free EP, Covert Coup.  And he's not just going for quantity over quality.  Mixtape after mixtape, album after album, he's been releasing quality material.  Pilot Talk I & II were two of the best rap albums released last year, and, in my opinion, two of last year's best albums period.  Ski Beatz and Curren$y are a rapper-producer match made in heaven.

I really didn't think it could get much better than the work Ski and Spitta did together, but Covert Coup may have just proved me wrong.  If the Alchemist isn't a better match than Ski, he's just as good.  Or maybe Curren$y can just make any producer's beats sound sexy as hell.  All I know is it was extremely generous for him to give this sucker away for free on 4/20.  I guess the holiday spirit just got to him.

At only ten songs, this EP is short and sweet, and an easy way to get into Curren$y if you haven't already.  The Alchemist's beats are even more abstract than Ski's, but that only gives Spitta  more of a chance to show off his amazing ability to work the hell out of a beat.  He doesn't just flow with the beat, he weaves in and around it, switching up his flow at the drop of a hat and using intricate word play to make every song tight as hell.  He can say so much on one track, and do it so nonchalantly that if you don't really listen, you'll miss something.  Not since MF Doom has a rapper done this so well.  

And Spitta's rhymes on Covert Coup may be his best and most passionate yet; he really brings it.  So do all of the guests, which include Prodigy, Fiend, Smoke DZA and Freddie Gibbs.  They all deliver killer verses that make each of their tracks standouts, but they're still out-shined by the star of the show.

I really think this is gonna be Spitta's year to shine.  He's already started his own imprint, Jet Life Recordings, released a wealth of material, and he's planning at least two more albums, including a proper follow-up to Pilot Talk I & II.  If those albums are as excellent as this EP, then it's gonna be a good year for anyone who likes quality rap music.

Listen to and download Covert Coup below.  Standout tracks: "The Type (ft. Prodigy)", "Blood Sweat and Gears (ft. Fiend)", "Life Instructions (ft. Smoke DZA)" and "Scottie Pippens (ft. Freddie Gibbs)"

Connect with Curren$y: Facebook | MySpace | Twitter | Website


Download: Tayyib Ali - Keystone State of Mind (mixtape)

I'm not even going to get into how good Philly artists have been lately. You have seen me say it time and time again, so I'll spare you that.  Tayibb Ali is quickly becoming a dominant force in the new rise of young emcees, the kid is only 18. For being as young as he is, he sounds like he's been in the game 10+ years. I'm excited for the future of hip hop with Tayibb.

His latest mixtape Keystone State of Mind, just dropped yesterday. Not long ago I posted a video of the title track, and knew his mixtape would be pure excellence. I only listened to about half the tape so far, and have not disliked anything yet. Listen and download Tayyib Ali's Keystone State of Mind mixtape below.

Connect with Tayyib Ali: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Listen: Beastie Boys - "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win" ft. Santigold

I can't tell you how excited I am for the Beastie Boys album to drop. It has been a long wait, but from everything I have heard so far, the album is going to be bananas. I loved all the tracks that I listened to and they have been on repeat.

While their new album Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2 has been streaming on most sites, I chose to not listen to the whole thing until the day it comes out. However, I have posted a song or two that seem to be making rounds, so I see no harm in sharing one more song from the album. "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win" has a perfect beat that fits not only the Beastie Boys, but guest Santigold (who seems to be making a comeback as well). Listen to the track below and make sure you buy Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2 when it drops on May 3rd.


via Hypetrak & Hip Hop Update

MP3: Kj Hamilton - "Supa Dupa High"

A little while back I posted a EP by 19 year old Kj Hamilton called Aspiring MC Vol. I. Since then, the emcee has been working on more material for a follow up on a debut mixtape, due to be released this summer. Since he has been releasing some songs, he has gotten coverage on numerous blogs and his music is making its way around the web.

I was sent this track called "Supa Dupa High," which is a track that was not include in the initial EP.  Technically it is a unfinished track, but Kj decided to release it for people to hear and hold his fans over until this summer. The beat might sound familiar as he goes in over Missy Elliot's "Supa Dupa Fly." Hamilton's version is more laid back and chilled, but a good take on Missy's track. Listen and download below.

Connect with Kj Hamilton: Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


Throwback Album: Everlast - Whitey Ford Sings the Blues

This is probably the second oldest Throwback Album I've featured so far, but I thought this would be a good one to talk about this week. Everlast hit it big with his second solo album in 1998 with Whitey Ford Sings the Blues. Everlast was formally a part of the hip hop group House of Pain (Remember that great track "Jump Around?" That was him). Before this album was released he suffered a near fatal heart attack, but survived and found critical and commercial success.

What is so great about this album is the influences that Everlast combines into one disc. Taking on acoustic guitar, blues,  rock, and of course adding his hip hop roots. The album showed the versatility that the artist has. I'm pretty sure everyone has heard his smash single, "What It's Like." That song never gets old, but that is not the only good track and is why I think the whole album is worth buying.

Each song has new elements within, one song would sound like a heavy metal song and then the next jumps right to pure hip hop. It's a fascinating mix. I also really enjoy the blues elements that are hinted in most of the songs. He has a great knack for storytelling in this album, although the stories are not always pretty.While Everlast has not found as much success as this solo album, he still had made some decent songs since. He is also in a hip hop group called La Coka Nostra.

Some standout tracks include: "What It's Like," "Money (Dollar Bill)," "Ends," "Pain Killers," and "Praise the Lord."

Buy Whitey Ford Sings the Blues: Amazon | iTunes


Listen: The Morning Benders - "Oh Annie"

The beautifully composed indie-pop of The Morning Benders continues to impress me. They recently  performed at Coachella and last month released a EP for disaster relief of Japan. Their 2010 album Big Echo really pushed the band into the limelight and helped them gain plenty of fans. I really enjoyed the album, but honestly I lost track of it in the endless amount of good music.

However, after hearing this song "Oh Annie," it made me want to listen to the album again. The track "Oh Annie" was a song that was left off the album and is now out for all to hear. This song was singer's Chris Chu's only regret by not including it on the album. Take a listen below. Shout to Hypetrak and Pigeons & Planes for posting this on their sites.


Video: Asher Roth & Nottz - "Enforce The Law"

A few days ago, Asher Roth and Nottz released the video to "Enforce the Law" off the Rawth EP. The video is pretty cool as it has the rappers reinterpreting scenes from the movie Training Day. In the video, Nottz portrays Denzel Washington's character Detective Alonso Harris and Roth plays Ethan Hawke's character as the rookie sidekick. The song is awesome and the video is a fun watch. Check it out.

If you don't have the Rawth EP yet, get it below. It's a must listen.


Video: Sharks Come Cruisin' - "Wayward Boys"

I always loved bands like Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphy's, and Against Me! it always get me singing and I feel like I'm in a party atmosphere, even if I'm just at home cranking up the volume.  Soon enough you'll be able to include Sharks Come Cruisin' in that list, as they create music with the best of them.

Their music has been described as all forms of punk, ranging from shanty punk, Irish punk, and folk punk. Those definitely fit the band well.  Sharks Come Cruisin' has heart and you can tell how much they love the music they create. It's some damn fun music. Watch their newer video for "Wayward Boys" below.

Connect with Sharks Come Cruisin': Facebook | Twitter | Website


Artist: Noah and the Whale

If you haven't heard of Noah and the Whale, then this is the time to get acquainted.  The English band creates some of the best indie folk currently out to date. The bands name initially came from a mix of their favorite movie The Squid and the Whale, and the directors name which is Noah Baumbach. The members came together in 2006, so they are relatively young in the music industry.

They released their debut in 2008 called Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down.  The album reached #5 in the UK and generated many positive reviews (except Pitchfork, surprise surprise). When you listen to the songs on the album or really any of their music, other bands that are similar that may come to mind are Neutral Milk Hotel and Belle and Sebastian.

Noah and the Whale would quickly follow up their debut with 2009's The First Days of Spring. This album pushed the band further and into a newer musical direction. This album again did well in the UK, but was still not well known in the US.

However, that would change with their latest release this past March, Last Night on Earth. This album would make the US charts and finally was getting their music out to other countries. Obviously, this might not be everyones type of music, but I really enjoy the mellow vibes and the sing a long choruses. If you do enjoy what you hear, then pick up their albums, you won't be disappointed.

Connect with Noah and the Whale: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Video: Frank Ocean - "Songs for Women"

Odd Future cohort Frank Ocean's mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra is still getting major rep all over the blogosphere because he brings a new take on that smooth R&B stuff. While you can probably guess who "Songs for Women" is aimed at, Mr. Ocean's music is simply smooth and chilled out, with a little psychedelia thrown in for good measure.

I know what a lot of people are thinking, how is this silk smooth crooner in the same crew with hell raisers like Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats. Well, his music is quite different, but the dude did some hell raising of his own. He defied his label Island Def Jam by putting out his mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra for free on his tumblr. That's pretty badass. Anyway, check out the "unofficial" video for "Songs for Women" below, and if you haven't yet, you can download Nostalgia, Ultra below that.


Listen: Franz Ferdinand - Covers EP (Stream)

Damn, do I remember when Franz Ferdinand exploded on the scene with "Take me Out." I loved that jam. Correction: I still love it. I bought their self-titled debut and their follow-up, You Could Have It So Much Better, but then I kind of lost track of them. They released a third album in 2009 called Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, but I only ever heard the singles and not much else about it.

As I was reading some new stuff on Pretty Much Amazing, I had come across that Franz Ferdinand was releasing a few cover songs on a EP due out May 2nd. I had to check this out as it brought back some memories of my constant replays of their first two albums. The covers are some of the best done by any band and one stand out is their version of LCD Soundsystem's "Live alone." However, each song has a unique flavor and I really enjoyed their take on each one. You can stream the EP below and if you dig that, I recommend picking it up come May.

Connect with Franz Ferdinand: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Download: Azad Right - A Piece of Mind (EP)

Every now and then a nice surprise enters my email. I honestly try to give everything a listen, sometimes things get lost. However, occasionally right after I listen to something I instantly have to make a post so I don't forget what I just heard. This happened when I listened to Azad Right. I watched his video for the track "Spiderwebs" and instantly loved the song. The beat bumps and when the piano kicks in, its magic.

Yet, a beat doesn't just make the song, the flow and lyrics got to be there. With Azad they are both there. Azad is a classically trained pianist and violinist with a Bachelor’s degree of Iranian descent, plus he is the son of a blind poet. The kid is obviously intelligent and it shows. He released a EP called A Piece of Mind and it has a brilliant blend of underground hip hop vibes with a mainstream touch. Watch the video for "Spiderwebs" and if you dig that you can download the whole EP.

Connect with Azad Right: Facebook | Twitter | Website

Download: Azad Right - A Piece of Mind (EP)


Video: Does It Offend You? Yeah - "The Monkeys Are Coming"

Does It Offend You? Yeah is a band that has made waves in their home country of the UK and are now getting some recognition in the United States. I came across this band more recently and decided to check out their newish video (came out in February).

After watching it all I could say was "Woah," and hit the replay button. Does It Offend You? Yeah combine elements of punk, indie, electronic, and dance. They had some relatively nice buzz when their debut album You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into dropped getting a mention from Rolling Stone as a breaking artist in 2008. They also were the 9th most played on lastfm in 2008 as well, but somehow I did not hear much else. They recently released their second album Don't Say We Didn't Warn You, and the video below is for their single "The Monkeys Are Coming." The video is fun and the song is intense. I hear these guys (and gal on bass) throw a hell of a live show. Watch below.

Connect with Does It Offend You? Yeah: Facebook | Twitter | Website


MP3: Stalley - "Lincoln Way Nights Ft. Rick Ross (Remix)"

You may have heard Stalley's name alongside names like Curren$y and Ski Beatz, but since he released his latest mixtape Lincoln Way Nights, a lot of good stuff has been happening for the man with the giant beard. He made a video for the single "Slapp" that got tons of airplay on MTV, but more recently, he was signed by Rick Ross to the Maybach Music Group. This is tremendous for the underground rapper.

To shine a glimpse into the future of this relationship, Rozay got on Stalley's single "Lincoln Way Nights." As you can expect, the bluntedness increases, and the song is awesome. I'm really excited for big things coming from Stalley, who still remains mostly unknown in the rap game. Check out the track below:

Connect with Stalley: Twitter | Facebook | Datpiff


MP3: Girls Love Shoes - "Stars" ft. Dave Raps

Girls Love Shoes. I think everyone can pretty much agree on that. But this also happens to be a LA based pop duo who teamed up with Hip Hop artist Dave Raps. I'm new to Girls Love Shoes, but Dave Raps has been featured on here before, so I certainly had to check out this unique combo. Interesting enough, the original of the song "Stars" was featured on a Buick Lacrosse commercial, which you can see here.

For this dynamic match up, the pop aspects swirl in rather well with Dave Raps. The hip hop elements keep things lively as always and the dreamy vocals and sounds of Girls Love Shoes top it off. Listen and download to "Stars" below.

Connect with Girls Love Shoes: Facebook | Twitter | Website
Connect with Dave Raps: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Download: Girls Love Shoes - "Stars" ft. Dave Raps

Listen/Mp3: XV - "Swervin" (Clams Casino Remix)

Up-and-coming rapper XV, has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and he definitely deserves it.  Clams Casino, a young beat maker from California who has done some really unique beats for Lil' B and Soulja Boy, has been getting his own share of buzz too.  Pitchfork has taken a special liking to him, featuring him as a rising artist and giving his recent instrumental mixtape a favorable review.

Turns out these two compliment each other pretty well.  Clams recently remixed XV's track "Swervin" off his recent Zero Heroes mixtape, and the results are pretty cool.  XV's passionate, but chill flow works well with Clams's lo-fi, experimental take on this solid beat.  Listen to the track below.

Connect with XV: Facebook | MySpace | Twitter | Website

Connect with Clams Casino: Myspace | Twitter

MP3: XV - "Swervin (Clams Casino Remix)"

MP3: Domo Genesis - "Cashmere"

After scowering some of my favorite blogs, I came across another Odd Future tune on Some Kind of Awesome. I know there are a growing faction of Wolf Gang supporters (this years Taylor Gang epidemic?), but the members make some fresh tunes. This track called "Cashmere" comes from Domo Genesis and he dropped this yesterday.

The song was produced by Michael Uzowuru and it is a goodie. Listen and download to "Cashmere" below.


Video: Restorations - "When You're Older"

A few days ago I wrote about the awesome Philadelphia band Restorations. I was really impressed by their mix of indie rock and punk, especially after listening to their self-titled debut album. Now, they unveiled their video for the last track on the album called "When You're Older." I think this was a great song to use for their video.

The video gets the live performance treatment with some nice close ups of the band. This is a band on the rise and really dig what they are doing. Before, I mentioned how there seems to be a ton of nice hip hop artists coming from Philly, but I think we will be seeing a steady rise of rock acts as well. Watch the video below.

Buy the album: iTunes | Bandcamp


Download: Curren$y - Covert Coup (Mixtape)

Curren$y is bringing the heat once again with his Covert Coup mixtape that he dropped on none other than 4/20.  The rapper is slated to have a busy year, looking to release tons of new music, which is just fine by me. I always use to write Curren$y off, not even really sure why. I just didn't give it a chance, but really started diving in his music when he released Pilot Talk. Since then, I've been a fan.

With Covert Coup he teams up with The Alchemist for production and features guests Freddie Gibbs, Smoke DZA, Prodigy, and Fiend. This is very much a smokers anthem mixtape, but is still enjoyable without being in daze. Listen and dowload to the mixtape below.


MP3: Mochipet - "420 Remix"

Yes yes its 4/20, a celebration for all you stoners. Hey, good for you, by all means celebrate. To help you out in your hazy (or not) state of mind, let me bring you a track to bring the party. Mochipet is a electronic, bass artist/producer who has become a center piece in the genres. His music can be heard virtually everywhere, and you may never even realized it. He is featured on the NBA video game NBA2K9, had stuff on FuelTV, DirecTV, and shared the stage with some heavily influential music pioneers.

He returns now for another intense mix for 4/20 combining hip hop elements into one. Not really sure that the song is called "420 Remix," but what is listed is entirely way to long to put in the title. It was listed as "Styles P Method Man Red Man Bob Marley are all Chillin at Mochipet's House for 420 with Freda Payne." This is a pretty tight mix however, and will be something you want to download today. Listen and grab the song below.

Connect with Mochipet: Facebook | Twitter | Website


Video: WU LYF - "LYF"

I may be a bit late to the buzz about this band, but it seems like they haven't been catching the attention of the blogs the way other internet-born artists like OFWGKTA and The Weeknd have.  That's probably because WU LYF are the newest, and weirdest addition to what seems like this new trend in music circa 2011, the anonymous, concept group.

These guys got their start in the same way as OF and The Weeknd, by releasing their music under a mysterious moniker on the internet.  Like those groups, they let their music speak for itself, although they have released less than either of the two, and even less is known about them.  If you go to their website,, you'll learn that their name stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation (kinda taking the whole Odd Future 666 thing to the next level there, guys); you'll read some really cool sounding, but mostly nonsensical poetry about speaking your mind and not being a follower "So go tell fire to the mountain"; and you'll hear some music set to really strange, grainy videos playing behind the words.  The most notable video, which you get to by clicking the WORLD UNITE link, is the one for their song "LYF."

WU LYF's music is even more original, and harder to pin down than either OF or The Weeknd.  Basically it boils down to them using organs, guitars, energetic post-rock drumming, screaming/growling vocals, and a lot of reverb to make catchy songs that are upbeat, dark, odd, appealing, and a bunch of other things all at once. It sounds like these guys have hundreds of random influences all colliding into one solid sound.  It's hard to explain in writing.  The best way to introduce yourself to this strange collective is to watch their video for "LYF"; it perfectly captures their energy, imagery, and everything that's cool about their music in one awesomely shot, four-minute video.  Watch it below.

Connect with WU LYF: Facebook | MySpace | Website



MP3: Lykke Li - "Sadness is a Blessing (Gold Panda Remix)"

UK producer, Gold Panda's remix to Lykke Li's "Sadness is a Blessing" adds some awesome new dimensions to the song. It seems like Gold Panda's M.O is a trippy, downtempo dance vibe and this song is no different. Gold Panda's music is perfect for anything from a late night hipster loft party to a hippy love fest.

It's pretty crazy hearing a once organic song transformed into computer beats. Either way, Lykke Li is still the star of the show, and after looking at the picture above, she may be my dream girl. Thanks to Pretty Much Amazing for the track. If you haven't yet, grab Lykke Li's album Wounded Rhymes. It's awesome.


Listen: Freelance Whales - "Girl U Want" (Devo Cover)

Found this cool little cover via Hypetrak and I'm glad I did. There is something special about the Freelance Whales, I just enjoy what they bring to the folk/rock/indie genres. I also am a sucker for a good cover of 80's tunes and this is what the Freelance Whales did with Devo's "Girl U Want."

The original had that classic 80's New Wave sound, but the Freelance Whales changed it up to match their own style. The cover is more of a acoustic rendition, but has the spirit of the song. It's a fun listen for sure.


mp3: Wale - "100hunnit ft. Meek Mill"

"100hunnit" is the latest leaks of the Maybach Music Group's Self Made compilation coming May 24th. From all the singles, it looks like the album will for sure be a good one. "100hunnit" has Wale and Meek Mill going harder than we've seen in a while, basically rapping nonstop over a crazy beat. This song is sick and is making me look forward to the future of Wale, a rapper that many people had written off a long time ago.


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