Artist: Danko Jones

Canada has brought us some great music over the years (and no Nickelback is not one of them), and it has been awhile since I posted some good rock music. I would like to introduce you to the rock trio from Toronto, Danko Jones. This is a band that has been around for some time, but manages to sneak under everyones radar, at least that's what I think. They may not be new to everyone, but I know most people who I've introduced their music to, has not heard of them before.

I first heard Danko Jones back in 2003 with their album We Sweat Blood.  Everything you'd expect from a good hard rock album was there: fast sometimes crunchy-metal riffs, short but sweet songs, and a album cover that screamed bad ass. A few songs had become really popular on the local stations around me and I had to buy the album. Then it seemed like Danko Jones faded, until more recently when I heard another song played on the radio and it sparked my memories of that album.

After taking a look back in their catalog Danko Jones never went anywhere having released 3 records after, all having that same gritty rock feel I had loved from We Sweat Blood. It seems after reading some more they were doing well in their homeland of Canada and tours in Europe,  but not much about the USA. Which is a shame because they have some of the purist forms of rock that I think the States really lack.

Danko Jones has released 5 albums with Below the Belt being their latest (released in May 2010). I'm hoping people start picking up their records, each one has the raw energy that makes a rock band memorable.

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