Artist: Noah and the Whale

If you haven't heard of Noah and the Whale, then this is the time to get acquainted.  The English band creates some of the best indie folk currently out to date. The bands name initially came from a mix of their favorite movie The Squid and the Whale, and the directors name which is Noah Baumbach. The members came together in 2006, so they are relatively young in the music industry.

They released their debut in 2008 called Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down.  The album reached #5 in the UK and generated many positive reviews (except Pitchfork, surprise surprise). When you listen to the songs on the album or really any of their music, other bands that are similar that may come to mind are Neutral Milk Hotel and Belle and Sebastian.

Noah and the Whale would quickly follow up their debut with 2009's The First Days of Spring. This album pushed the band further and into a newer musical direction. This album again did well in the UK, but was still not well known in the US.

However, that would change with their latest release this past March, Last Night on Earth. This album would make the US charts and finally was getting their music out to other countries. Obviously, this might not be everyones type of music, but I really enjoy the mellow vibes and the sing a long choruses. If you do enjoy what you hear, then pick up their albums, you won't be disappointed.

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