Certified Fresh: Curren$y - Covert Coup

We all know Curren$y as a New Orleans-based weed rapper, but the whole weed rapper thing seems to be a growing phenomenon lately, and the term can be applied to many different rappers from Wiz Khalifa to Snoop.  They all like to rap about their favorite substance and the lifestyle that goes along with it, but besides that they don't have much in common.  So let's not call Curren$y a weed rapper.  Let's just call him a damn talented rapper who's on a roll right now.

Ever since dropping off from Cash Money Records to do things on his own in 2007, Curren$y's been one of the most prolific underground rappers out there.  He released several mixtapes in 2008, two albums in 2009, two albums again in 2010, and now, only four months into 2011, he's already released two mixtapes and this free EP, Covert Coup.  And he's not just going for quantity over quality.  Mixtape after mixtape, album after album, he's been releasing quality material.  Pilot Talk I & II were two of the best rap albums released last year, and, in my opinion, two of last year's best albums period.  Ski Beatz and Curren$y are a rapper-producer match made in heaven.

I really didn't think it could get much better than the work Ski and Spitta did together, but Covert Coup may have just proved me wrong.  If the Alchemist isn't a better match than Ski, he's just as good.  Or maybe Curren$y can just make any producer's beats sound sexy as hell.  All I know is it was extremely generous for him to give this sucker away for free on 4/20.  I guess the holiday spirit just got to him.

At only ten songs, this EP is short and sweet, and an easy way to get into Curren$y if you haven't already.  The Alchemist's beats are even more abstract than Ski's, but that only gives Spitta  more of a chance to show off his amazing ability to work the hell out of a beat.  He doesn't just flow with the beat, he weaves in and around it, switching up his flow at the drop of a hat and using intricate word play to make every song tight as hell.  He can say so much on one track, and do it so nonchalantly that if you don't really listen, you'll miss something.  Not since MF Doom has a rapper done this so well.  

And Spitta's rhymes on Covert Coup may be his best and most passionate yet; he really brings it.  So do all of the guests, which include Prodigy, Fiend, Smoke DZA and Freddie Gibbs.  They all deliver killer verses that make each of their tracks standouts, but they're still out-shined by the star of the show.

I really think this is gonna be Spitta's year to shine.  He's already started his own imprint, Jet Life Recordings, released a wealth of material, and he's planning at least two more albums, including a proper follow-up to Pilot Talk I & II.  If those albums are as excellent as this EP, then it's gonna be a good year for anyone who likes quality rap music.

Listen to and download Covert Coup below.  Standout tracks: "The Type (ft. Prodigy)", "Blood Sweat and Gears (ft. Fiend)", "Life Instructions (ft. Smoke DZA)" and "Scottie Pippens (ft. Freddie Gibbs)"

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