Download: The 58's - Self Titled (Mixtape)

I still can't decide which side of Pennsylvania has better hip hop, Philly or Pittsburgh. Every time I lean one way, the opposite side impresses me, its like a tug of war match. This self titled mixtape from Pittsburgh natives The 58's has truly blown me away. This may be the modern Wu-Tang. The 58's is comprised of spitters Franchise, B. White, Vinny Radio, Ghosty, Mayo, and Primavera Vills. Taking turns dishing out rhymes like candy, these dudes are bound to blow up.

The mixtape has an impressive 20 tracks with 3 bonus songs. Production comes from Big Jerm (Mac Millers go to producer, he'll be a name not to forget), KHRYSIS, P. Fish and more. It was stated on the datpiff page that the name The 58's represent 5ths of the best liquor and 8ths of the best weed, sounds like a true Burg hip hop group. No matter, this mixtape bumps hard. Listen and download below.

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