Download: Azad Right - A Piece of Mind (EP)

Every now and then a nice surprise enters my email. I honestly try to give everything a listen, sometimes things get lost. However, occasionally right after I listen to something I instantly have to make a post so I don't forget what I just heard. This happened when I listened to Azad Right. I watched his video for the track "Spiderwebs" and instantly loved the song. The beat bumps and when the piano kicks in, its magic.

Yet, a beat doesn't just make the song, the flow and lyrics got to be there. With Azad they are both there. Azad is a classically trained pianist and violinist with a Bachelor’s degree of Iranian descent, plus he is the son of a blind poet. The kid is obviously intelligent and it shows. He released a EP called A Piece of Mind and it has a brilliant blend of underground hip hop vibes with a mainstream touch. Watch the video for "Spiderwebs" and if you dig that you can download the whole EP.

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Download: Azad Right - A Piece of Mind (EP)



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