Download: Frank Ocean - The Lonny Breaux Collection (Mixtape)

People seem to be really getting into R & B these days, myself included. This new modern vibe of artists like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean has sparked thousands of downloads, with no slowing down. For those who have been feeling the Frank Ocean joints, he have some throwback tunes for you.

Before Ocean used that moniker, he went by Lonny Breaux. The mixtape features a whopping 63 tracks that were recorded before his last mixtape, Nostalgia/Ultra.


Just can't get enough of this young Frank Ocean. Swear, his songs seem to be the story of my life.

<3 fuck yes!

The best!
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Good mixtape,i liked. I love Frank Ocean.He voice's so deep. He is Amaziiiing ! :) My best song's on the album :Bricks and Steel,Broken Pieces,Dying for you Love,Flight,Follow,Hardest Thing,Old Terror,One Look,Ready,Simply,Together. It's my Frankiee :)

I love Lights, best song on the mixtape

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