Listen: Clams Casino - "Motivation"

Alright, so it's true that Clams Casino got his start producing beats for Lil B and Soulja Boy, but the guy really does have talent even if the rappers who discovered him don't have much.  He made all his beats without any specific rappers in mind, and it turns out they are a lot better if listened to without anyone rapping over them.

Each beat unfolds like a good instrumental song should, and you get a better appreciation for the unique sounds this guy puts together for his jamming beats.  Clams recent instrumental mixtape is awesome, and I've been blasting it a lot the past few days.  I have no problem listening to 12 of this guy's beats in a row, and the mixtape really flows like an album.  Listen to the track "Motivation" below and to get a taste of the mixtape, which you can download here.  Sounds so much better without Lil B doesn't it?

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shits dope but fuck you lil b will eat ur children metaphysically

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