Listen: Lauren & The Hurt Animals - "Devil Under The Bed" and "For Hurt Animals"

I'm not gonna lie, it kind of sucks living in Northwest PA.  It's a really beautiful place, but there just isn't a whole lot going on around here.  Especially when it comes to music.  Go a little bit farther north to Erie, or south to Pittsburgh, and it's a different story.  But, in the modest Franklin-Oil City area where I currently reside there's not much at all.  So it's pretty exciting when I get to talk about a talented artist from right here, in my home town.

Lauren & The Hurt Animals is the project of singer/songwriter, and Oil City resident, Lauren Joyce and her friends who help her with extra instrumentation and harmonies.  Among those friends is Jerome Wincek (another talented musician from my neck of the woods), who produced and recorded Lauren & The Hurt Animals' first piece of music, The Poplar Street EP, in his home studio.  This five song EP could be genre-fied (I'm coining that term right now) as acoustic/folk, but with the help of Wincek's unique production, it is an original take on that style.  The production and layered instrumentation along with Joyce's powerful lyrics and voice make this a really good listen.  The songs are pretty catchy too.  Listen to two songs from the Poplar Street EP below.

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