MP3: Jhameel - "The Human Condition"

Music originality is hard to come by these days. True, most artist have influences that without, probably never would have inspired them to create music, but there is a big difference from doing what is popular at the time to being influenced by past musicians. Luckily, one talented and original artist goes by the name Jhameel.

Taking influences from Prince and Jonsi, then reworking it to make it entirely his own, is a pretty incredible feat. His music combines numerous orchestral instruments, percussion, synth's, and some soulful vocals into his songs, especially with "The Human Condition."  You can hear not only some soul, but pop and funk. This song will be impossible to resist, it is truly a masterpiece. He also does some sweet covers of T-Pain and Fleet Foxes too. Give Jhameel some time, and he is bound to become big.

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