Throwback Album: Everlast - Whitey Ford Sings the Blues

This is probably the second oldest Throwback Album I've featured so far, but I thought this would be a good one to talk about this week. Everlast hit it big with his second solo album in 1998 with Whitey Ford Sings the Blues. Everlast was formally a part of the hip hop group House of Pain (Remember that great track "Jump Around?" That was him). Before this album was released he suffered a near fatal heart attack, but survived and found critical and commercial success.

What is so great about this album is the influences that Everlast combines into one disc. Taking on acoustic guitar, blues,  rock, and of course adding his hip hop roots. The album showed the versatility that the artist has. I'm pretty sure everyone has heard his smash single, "What It's Like." That song never gets old, but that is not the only good track and is why I think the whole album is worth buying.

Each song has new elements within, one song would sound like a heavy metal song and then the next jumps right to pure hip hop. It's a fascinating mix. I also really enjoy the blues elements that are hinted in most of the songs. He has a great knack for storytelling in this album, although the stories are not always pretty.While Everlast has not found as much success as this solo album, he still had made some decent songs since. He is also in a hip hop group called La Coka Nostra.

Some standout tracks include: "What It's Like," "Money (Dollar Bill)," "Ends," "Pain Killers," and "Praise the Lord."

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