Video: Ben Harper - "Rock N' Roll is Free"

I have not listened to Ben Harper for a few years now, in fact I had nearly forgotten about the singer/songwriter. Luckily, I got an email about his latest animated video for his new single "Rock N' Roll is Free." Harper is known to mix many elements in his music from rock, blues, soul, reggae, and jam rock. With this song, he has a pure rock n'roll Americana type song, which is sure to please his devoted following.

This song is from Harper's new album called Give Till It's Gone, due out May 17th.  This will be his first solo album since 2006, so this album is a long time coming for fans. Based on this song alone, I think this album has potential to put Harper back in the spotlight, he is a talented musician. The video is animated and has the lyrics pop up on the screen. It has a real laid back and cool style, which fits this song perfectly. Watch below.

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