Video: Bruno Mars - "The Lazy Song"

I bet some of you are thinking, "He likes Bruno Mars?" Yes, the guy has more talent than any other trash pop star currently out *ahem* Ke$ha *ahem* Ms. Spears. I'll admit I'm not a big pop fan, but let's face it, Bruno has some charming music. The guy is on another level and will be a staple in music for a long time. I remember before B.o.B. blew up and I downloaded "Nothin' On You" the day it was released. I had no idea who Bruno Mars was. I knew he would be huge, but never thought as big as he has gotten.

Anyway, besides writing some catchy tunes for the likes of Cee Lo Green, Bruno proves he knows how to create some catchy songs for his own that will put you in a good mood. "The Lazy Song" might be one of my favorites, with its quotable lines, infectious melody, and witty lyrics, it is bound to make you smile. Yet, what makes this song even better is the hilarious video. Shot like he is on web cam, he has some fellow dancers with monkey masks mimicking his moves. When they all drop their pants around the 2:32 mark, I nearly lost it the first time laughing. Even if you do not like Bruno Mars, at least appreciate his goofy, but charming video.



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